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Updating Your Payment Information

We’re excited to announce that we have upgraded our online payment processing by switching to Stripe for all new Assessment Generator purchases.

Stripe Logo Image

As you may already know, Stripe has a strong reputation for securely processing billions of dollars annually in online transactions.

Other Stripe customers include notable companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Uber, and Shopify.

Existing Assessment Generator customers can change their billing to Stripe by updating their payment information in their account.

How to Update Your Payment Information

To update your information, go to and click the “Log In” link.

Assessment Generator log in

Then enter your email address and password in the pop-up window.

From the “Welcome” menu in the upper-right of your screen, click on the “My Account” link.

My Account Link

On your Account screen, you will see a button to update your payment details. Click on this button.

Update Payment Information

A window will pop-up on your screen prompting you to enter your name and billing address:

Enter Address Window

Once you do that, you can enter your credit card information and click the “Pay” button.

Enter Payment Window

With Stripe, we can now accept a wide variety of credit and debit cards:

Stripe Payment Methods

Once your transaction is complete, you will receive a lovely receipt in your inbox:

Stripe Receipt

During our transition to this new payment system, we will be monitoring transactions closely to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please review the rest of our User Guide to learn more about our software.

Thank you for choosing Assessment Generator!