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View, Filter, & Export Responses

Once your respondents have completed your assessment, you can view and export their responses from within your Assessment Generator account.

Viewing Responses

Select the “Responses” link in the menu underneath your assessment.  When you click on this link, it will take you to a list of all the people who have completed your assessment.

Assessment Responses

You can also select “View Responses” from the Actions Menu in your assessment editor to see all the responses to your assessment.

View Responses

Filtering Responses

On this page, you’ll see the list of the people who have completed your assessment.

At the top of the page are some filter fields that you can use to narrow down the list of respondents as desired. This is especially valuable if you have a large number of respondents and only want to see a subset of them at a time.

You can filter by start and end date, by the name (or email address) of a respondent, and by group name (see Tagging Results by Respondent Groups for more details)

List of Respondents

Below and to the right of the filter fields, you can see how many times your assessment has been taken.

The list on this page shows the names and email addresses of your respondents, the date when they took it, and the score that they received. It also shows the group name (if one was specified when sharing your assessment URL from the “Add to Site” page).

Viewing and Editing Response Details

When you mouse over each name in this list, you’ll see a menu of options appear.

respondent menu options

The first option is Details.  When you click on the Details link it will again show your respondent’s name (if you collected it on your respondent registration page) along with their email address.

You’ll also see the date and time when they took your assessment and how long they took to complete it in hours, minutes, and seconds. You can edit the respondent’s contact details by clicking ‘Update Contact Info.’

Their score is also shown here as well as how they answered each individual question.  The specific point values that they scored on each question are also shown.

Actions Menu

In the upper right-hand corner of this screen is the Actions menu.  You can edit your assessment, test your assessment and return to the list of assessments in your account.  You can also return to the view responses page, or you can return to your list of assessments.

Click “View Responses” to return to the Responses page.

Bulk-updating Groups

If you need to change the group assignment for many responses at once, you can click the “Update Groups” button to replace one group name with another. If you haven’t filtered your responses by group, this will assign a group name to all responses that don’t currently have one.

To change an existing group, first select the existing group in the ‘Filter by Group’ dropdown. After the search completes, click ‘Update Groups’ and you’ll be able to update the group for all of the responses.

Filter by Respondent

To the right of the Details link is the Filter by Respondent menu option.

filter by respondent option

Clicking this link will filter your list of respondents so that only the person matching that name and email address will be shown.

This is useful when a person takes your assessment multiple times, and you want to see how their results have changed over time.

Resend Respondent’s Results

Next in the responses menu is the option to resend a respondent’s results via email.

resend user's results

Delete a Respondent’s Results

Finally, we also have an option to delete a respondent’s results.

Delete User's Results

To prevent the accidental deletion of results, you will need to click the Delete button twice to delete a respondent’s results.

Exporting Responses

From the top of the actions menu on this page, you can choose to export your responses in a CSV format.

If any filters are set, only the responses that match your filters will be exported.

When this option is selected, a window will appear on your screen.

As the message in this window explains, the responses matching the filters you have set will be delivered by email to the account holder’s email address once you click on the “Export” button.

If you wish to also send these responses to other email addresses, you may do so by entering those addresses on the line below.

Please keep in mind your own privacy policies and ensure that the email addresses are entered correctly when using this feature.

export responses window

After you click on the “Export” button a message will show at the top of your screen to let you know that your responses are on their way.

Export Response Message

An email notification will be sent to the account holder (and the other email recipients that you specified) when your export is complete. The message includes a button so you can download your results to your computer.

Download Results email message

You can then open this file in your preferred spreadsheet program and analyze your respondents’ results as desired.

Please review the rest of our User Guide to learn more about our software.