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Scoring Your Simple Assessment

To score your simple assessment, start by entering the Assessment Generator editor.

First, select the “Edit” link in the menu underneath your assessment.

Edit assessment

Then click on the “Scoring” tab at the top of the page.

scoring tab

The Scoring page is where you set up how your assessments will be scored and provide feedback to your respondents based on their assessment score.

At the top of the page is a switch where you can choose whether you would prefer manual or automatic scoring.

Manual or Automatic Scoring

With manual scoring, you define the upper and lower bounds for each score range for your assessment.  The sizes of the score ranges can each be different or they can be the same.

Automatic scoring will divide the maximum possible score for your assessment by the number of score interpretations you create. All score ranges will be the same size.  In other words, they will all span the same number of points.

Set Presentation Order for Score Interpretations

Below is where you can set the presentation order for the score interpretations.

(Please note that this setting is only relevant when you also select to show score explanation text for “All score ranges” in the “How Respondents Receive Their Results” section under the “Results” tab.)

show score explanations

Here you can choose whether to display the respondent’s score band first or to display the score explanations in the order you specify on this page.

Show Score as a Percentage

Moving down the page, there is an option to display respondents’ scores as a percentage of the total possible score.

When you check this option, your assessment range changes from the minimum and the maximum number of points available to 0% to 100% of the total possible score.

Show Score as a Percentage

You’ll also find that the min and max scores will change for any score interpretations that you’ve already defined.

If you have your assessment set to automatic scoring, then the ranges for your score interpretations will be automatically adjusted to fit between 0 and 100%.

If you have your assessment set to manual scoring, then the ranges for your score interpretations will stay the same. However, any min and max scores that fall outside of 0 and 100% will be highlighted in red to indicate that a change is needed for those values.

Enter Your Score Interpretations

Next up is the area where you enter your score interpretations.

Based on the point assignments that you’ve made when you set up your assessment questions, the message here will tell you the maximum range for your assessment.

Score Interpretations

Click on the Add Score Interpretation button and add in a title for this score interpretation. Your respondents will not see this title so you can name it something that makes sense to you.

Edit Score Interpretation

Below the title field is a place where you can set the score range for this interpretation.  If you have automatic scoring turned on, then this area will be grey out.

Next, you can add your score text that corresponds to a high score on your assessment.  Then click the “Save” button to return to the scoring tab.

Repeat until you have added all of your score interpretations.

Three Score Interpretations

With automatic scoring, the range of all of the possible assessment scores is divided up evenly among those 3 interpretations.

Please review the rest of our User Guide to learn more about our software.