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Webhook Integrations

Note: To utilize direct integrations, you or your web developer will need to understand how to listen for REST Webhooks. Alternatively, you can use Zapier to create integrations with your assessments without coding.

With the Advanced, Private Label, or Enterprise-level Assessment Generator Plans, you can choose to receive a notification via REST webhooks anytime someone takes your assessment.

To set up these notifications, edit your assessment and go to the Results tab. In the Results Setup section, enter the URL of your endpoint:

When your assessment is completed, the results will be sent to that URL as JSON-structured data:

"name":"Test Respondent",
"email":"[email protected]",
"assessment_title":"Example Assessment",
"Type One":13,
"Type Two":10,
"Type Three":6,
"high_scoring_types":"Type One",

The content shown above is for type and multi-type assessments. For a simple assessment, a single score will be given instead of scores for each type. If you choose to generate a PDF in your results setup, the URL to the PDF for this result will be included in the pdf_report field.

Additionally, suppose you’ve provided an identifier for any of your questions. In that case, the text of the response to that question will be included in the POST data, with the field name equal to the identifier you set. You can read more about how that works here.

Please review the rest of our User Guide to learn more about our software.