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Redirecting Users After Taking Your Assessment

Assessment Generator offers a couple of different ways to send users back to your website (or any URL) after they take your assessment. The destination page can even receive the users’ scores.

This feature is available in our Advanced, Private Label, and Enterprise accounts.

Redirecting all respondents to a single URL

This is done on the Results tab of the assessment editor, in the section titled “How users receive their results.”

Uncheck the “On-Screen” checkbox. A new field will appear titled “Redirect URL.” Enter the URL of your choice in that field and save your assessment. For example:

You can still choose to send the result by email and optionally include a PDF report in addition to redirecting to a URL.

Redirecting respondents to different pages based on their score

You can specify different destination URLs depending on how the user scores on their assessment. This is done on either the Scoring tab or the Types tab depending on whether you have a Simple or a Type-based assessment.

First, go to the results tab in the assessment editor and make sure “On-Screen” is not selected, and that the assessment wide redirect URL is blank, like this, and save the assessment:

To set up the score based redirects for a simple assessment, select the Scoring tab in the assessment editor. Create or edit a score in the Score Interpretations section:

Select the Redirect to URL checkbox, enter the desired destination URL and save the score band:

For Type-based assessments the process is the same, except that you’ll be editing Types on the Types tab instead of Score bands.

Accessing respondent’s scores at the destination URL

For any of the redirects described above (either one redirect for the whole assessment or type-based or score-based redirects) the score(s) that the user receives are passed as URL parameters to the redirect URL you provide. For example, in a simple assessment the user’s name and email address (if requested) and their score are added to the redirect URL you provide:

If you’re using a type-based assessment, the scores for each type are sent:

In addition, if you’re using the Groups feature, the group name is appended to the URL, and if you choose to provide results as a PDF, a link to the generated PDF file is also appended.

The ability to redirect users provides the flexibility to engage users on your own site and generate customized pages based on their score. If you have any questions about this or any other feature of Assessment Generator, please check out our user guide or get in touch for one-on-one help.

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