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Creating A New Assessment

From inside the main page of your Assessment Generator account, you will find a button in the upper right-hand corner that says “New Assessment”.

Creating a new assessment

When you are ready to create a new assessment, you simply click this button.

A box then pops up on your screen to ask whether you would like to create a simple assessment or a type-based assessment

Create New Assessment Pop-up

Simple Assessment

A simple assessment gives a single numeric score based on how your questions are answered.  You assign points to the answer choices for each question to provide them with 1 overall score for your assessment. You can then create score bands (on the scoring tab of the assessment editor) and provide personalized content for your respondents based on their scores.

Type-Based Assessment

With a type-based assessment, you create types or categories and assign points from your questions to one or more of the types. Then after the assessment is completed, Assessment Generator automatically calculates a separate score for each type.

This is useful when you want to provide your respondents with a score in each of several different categories. You can use this to identify a single highest or lowest scoring type. For example, you might ask your respondents a series of questions that identify them as a “thinker” or a “doer.” Then in their results, you would provide content specific to which type they scored highest in.

Another way to use type-based assessments is to generate content based on how the respondent scored in every type. For example, if you have questions that score respondents’ life satisfaction in the areas of relationships, finances, career, and health, you could set up score bands in each of those categories. You could then include feedback based on score, for example:

You scored high in relationship satisfaction…

You scored medium in financial well-being…


Assessment Generator Editor

Once you make your selection, you will be taken to the Assessment Generator editor for your assessment.

AG Editor -- Simple Assessment

At the top of the page are 5 tabs. These are the 5 tabs that you will see for a simple assessment:

  1. Setup — where you enter your general assessment information
  2. Questions — where you enter your assessment instructions and questions
  3. Style — where you can design and preview the look of your assessment
  4. Scoring — where you set up your score ranges and interpretations for your assessment
  5. Results — where you define how you want your respondents to receive their assessment results

If you’re creating a type-based assessment, you’ll see a “Types” tab instead of the “Scoring” tab.

AG Editor -- Type-Based Assessment

The “Types” tab is the place to set up your types or categories for your type-based assessment.

Next, please check out how to set up your assessment.

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