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Advanced Features

Automation, Enhanced Reporting, and more make the Advanced Subscription our best value.

An Advanced account comes with powerful features to help you make the most of your assessment:

  • Give your reports a more professional and polished look with our enhanced reporting capabilities.
  • Automatically add contacts generated by your assessments to your CRM, Email list manager, or any of thousands of other tools.
  • Customize your respondent’s experience using score-based redirects
  • When you work with us to create custom scoring and reporting for your assessment, the advanced plan provides support for custom plugins

These features make the Advanced account our most popular plan.

Enhanced PDF Reporting

When you enable PDF reporting on the results tab of your assessment editor, you’ll see a new Report tab appear:

On the report tab, you can set up a cover page and headers and footers for your report. Learn more about how to set up your report in our User Guide.

Hide Assessment URL

If you don’t wish your respondents to share your assessment, you may optionally hide your assessment URL to make it more difficult to distribute.

This capability is handy when your assessment is part of a paid program, for example.

When this feature is enabled, your assessment URL is encrypted so that the exact path is hidden from respondents when shared.

Hide your assessment

When someone opens your assessment, the URL shown in the browser address bar instantly changes to an address that cannot be used or copied.

The respondent can still complete the assessment normally, but they won’t be able to share your assessment with anyone else.

Automate your workflow with Integrations

With our Basic account, you can download your respondents’ contact information as a CSV file, which you can use to follow up with leads generated by your assessment.

However, many of our clients though have an email list manager or CRM that they use to manage their contacts and leads. Integrations allow you to automate the process of sharing leads generated by your assessment with your list manager.

Assessment Generator works with Zapier, which provides the “glue” between your assessment and your list manager or CRM. Zapier works with thousands of applications across the internet, and most of them can be used with a free Zapier account.

Depending on which tool you’re using, you can even automatically kick off a customized email autoresponder sequence based on the respondent’s score. This is the essence of engagement marketing. You learn about your potential client by asking questions and provide them with customized feedback specific to their unique needs.

Although it’s very powerful, integrations are not hard to set up thanks to Zapier’s easy-to-use interface. Our user guide has all the details.

Custom Integrations

If you need a direct integration to a custom web services endpoint that you or your web developer has created, you can use a webhook integration to connect that endpoint with your assessment.

Score-based Redirects

All of our accounts offer the ability to redirect the respondent back to a page on your own website after they complete the assessment. This capability allows you to make sure that your respondent ends up back on your website after they’re done with the assessment.

Advanced accounts offer the additional capability to redirect to a different website based on how the user scored on the assessment. This allows you to further customize the respondent’s experience, providing them with content specific to their needs.

You can set up score-based redirects for simple assessments based on the user’s numeric score, or, for type-based assessments, based on which type the user scored highest in. Our User Guide has more information on how to set up score-based redirects.

Custom Plugins

Many of our clients have unique requirements for how their assessment results are processed and how their reports are presented. For a one-time fee, our in-house development team will create a custom-coded plugin just for your assessment to meet your unique requirements. Some examples of work that we’ve done for our clients include:

  • Custom reports. You can have your graphic designer (or ours) come up with a beautiful, professional report for your assessment. The options are almost unlimited when it comes to the content and layout of the report.
  • Custom scoring. If you have unique scoring requirements for your assessment, we can create a custom scoring module to meet them. One example is the use of sub-types. Our out-of-the-box solution supports scoring by type or category, but if you need sub-types as well our development team can handle that.
  • Custom graphs. If you need a chart (or even more than one chart) for your report that is not one of our standard chart types, we can help.

These are the most common types of customizations. Please contact us for a quote, or if you have a requirement that isn’t listed above.

These are a few reasons why the Advanced subscription level is our most popular product, and why it’s such a great value.

Thank you for using Assessment Generator!