Assessments Provide Instant Results

Assessments Provide Instant Results

Do you wish there was a way to receive information from clients and use it to provide them with instant results? Assessments from Assessment Generator are specifically designed to do just that!

Whether you are looking for new clients and want to give them a taste of your offerings, or you’re hoping to learn more about existing clients through your assessments, you can be confident that the information you gather, and recommendations you share, will simplify your life and save you valuable time in your business. 

How do assessments provide instant results?

Assessments provide immediate interactivity between you and the respondent, not only gathering valuable information from them but allowing you to provide recommendations. At the end of your assessment, you can provide instantaneous feedback based on the respondent’s score with links and other information so they can contact you to learn more.

Another great benefit to this tool is that you set up an assessment once, and can use it for multiple new or current clients. Instead of time-consuming calls or one-on-one’s, you are creating something that allows you to reach multiple people in a similarly tailored way. (And don’t worry – you can still do those other things too! But just think how nice it would be to have that first step ready to go for anyone visiting your site!) By providing an assessment for them to take, you avoid the trap of asking for an email and not knowing much else about your potential client.

Why do instant results matter?

It’s no secret that we live in a time where instant gratification is sought after and expected, especially with online interactions. Taking that to a business situation, when a potential client reaches your website or landing page, they are searching for help with a problem or answers to a question. Sure, you could tell them through bulleted lists on your site how you can help them… but if you’re using an assessment you can actually show them in real-time! With an assessment, you get to gather information that will help you serve that client down the line, and also provide them with results at the end of their assessment.

These instant results are part of an incredible strategy that will set you apart from the competition, and increase your conversion rate. Potential clients will feel immediately seen and heard, and get a taste of your services and expertise. You then have something to go off of when following up – if you even have to – (that’s right, assessments can be so successful that potential clients reach out to YOU after!)

Assessments are an incredible marketing and retention tool, and a great investment for furthering your business. Check out ways you can provide that instant gratification and grow your client list by testing out Assessment Generator here!

How Assessments Drive Results and Engagement

How Assessments Drive Results and Engagement

Assessments are a fun and easy way to monitor your success metrics. With an assessment, you can engage potential clients, share your knowledge, and measure progress. They are also an ideal way to show results — whether through the answers given or how those answers or results may change and improve over time. If you’re a coach, assessments are a great way to engage by learning what a new client is hoping to achieve and sharing some helpful tips or recommendations. Not a coach? That’s ok — assessments prove equally valuable for those outside of the coaching field as well. For consultants or anyone looking to gather information in a new way and achieve “expert status” among potential clients, assessments are a proven and invaluable tool.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the ways assessments can be used to provide a benchmark of client progress, show results, and drive engagement.

Assessments as a Benchmark

Assessments can be used strategically as a benchmark when given to clients before, during, and after a program. This kind of benchmarking is crucial to letting you see the effectiveness and success rate of your offerings. Let’s say you’re running a coaching or consulting program, and want to show tangible or measurable results, but you’re not entirely sure how. Having your customers take an assessment before, during, or after a service you provide can be a great way to show just what they’ve learned or how they’ve changed from your teachings and services. Assessments can also be used in this way to deliver feedback and tips along the way based on how someone scores.

Assessments as a Re-Enrollment Tool

Assessments are a great way to show results to continue a business relationship, re-engage past clients, or gather information on the path to re-enrollment. Similar to using an assessment as a benchmark, assessments can provide a huge variety of results that you can point to. What better way to show clients that they should keep investing in working with you than with data from an assessment they filled out? It’s right there, in their own words and answers!

If you’re looking to re-engage with a past client, you could also use an assessment to find out how you did according to them, and use that information to reach out with a new, tailored offer or address any past concerns. Being able to point to specific areas to work on with a client is a great way to re-engage them with data and recommendations for the future.

Assessments to Manage User Experience

Interactive in nature, assessments are also a great way to manage user experience and receive honest feedback. Assessment Generator provides a specific kind of assessment just for this purpose, which uses a variety of question types to determine the quality of customer service received in four different categories. No matter the service you provide, knowing how your customers feel about your work and how it is being received, and gathering that information in an easy way, is a great customer service tactic.

Overall, assessments are a wonderful, interactive tool. They provide a way for clients, both new and old, to engage with you and your business. They let you gather important information with ease, they make your clients feel more engaged, and they can help you to better understand what a client’s needs are and how you can help them.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information and to get started with your very own Assessment Generator account today!

Assessments and the Science of Persuasion

Assessments and the Science of Persuasion

Assessments are a great way to leverage the proven science of persuasion in order to get your message across and attract new customers.

In his widely acclaimed book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Dr. Robert Cialdini describes seven principles of persuasion that marketers in the world overuse in their efforts to sell products and influence decisions.

Here’s how you can use an assessment to leverage the science of persuasion to attract new clients:


When people are given something, they feel the need to reciprocate. This is a deep-seated psychological norm engrained in who we are as humans. When you offer an assessment, not only are you asking questions and collecting the responses, you are also providing feedback to the respondent in the form of a personalized analysis of their results. Assessment Generator offers three ways to provide automatic feedback from an assessment:

  • In a Simple assessment (providing a single score), you can define any number of score bands and provide different feedback depending on how the respondent scored.
  • In a Type-Based assessment (providing a separate score in each of several types or categories that you define) you can define content to provide depending on which type the respondent scored highest (or lowest) in. Here are some examples of how you might use this type of scoring:
    • Identifying a dominant personality type
    • Showing which aspect of life a respondent could use help with
  • Another way to use a Type-Based assessment is to define score bands for each type. Then you can provide specific, score-based feedback for every type you’ve defined in your assessment.

This analysis represents something of value that you’ve given to the respondent for free. When you next reach out to them, start out by reminding them about the analysis they received from their assessment. This leverages the Commitment norm (see below) since they’re no longer a cold contact — you’ve had a previous interaction. It also leverages the Reciprocity norm — you’ve given something for free, and they will want to reciprocate by engaging with you further.


People like to be consistent and to be seen as consistent. Once someone has completed your assessment, they’ve made an investment in you and will be more likely to engage with you in the future. This combined with the reciprocity norm is strong motivation to further engage with your brand.

By itself, just completing the assessment leads to a level of commitment. You can also take it a step further and offer a one-on-one introductory session after completing your assessment. Provide a link to your schedule and allow your respondent to sign up for a time slot with you. Once they’ve made the commitment to meet with you, you’ll have the opportunity to talk with them one-on-one.

Authority and Social Proof

When you’re designing your assessment, be sure to leverage the authority you have in your subject area. If you have an advanced degree, mention that. People are more likely to engage with someone they see as a credentialed professional. If your authority stems from experience rather than education, you can use that just as effectively.

Providing a convincing argument that your assessment and the feedback you’re providing was designed based on expertise gained through formal education or life-long experience will give respondents an extra incentive to take the time to complete your assessment, evaluate the feedback it provides, and engage further with you.

Combine authority with social proof by mentioning the number of people you’ve helped and how they’ve achieved their goals as a result of your expertise.

Assessments are a great way to leverage the proven science of persuasion to help generate more leads, more qualified contacts, and ultimately more satisfied customers.

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