Personality Key

Welcome to the free Personality Key© Assessment.

This assessment will help you understand what your preferences are with respect to your relationships and your environment. There are no right or wrong answers. 

  • Sometimes our personality can change over time. Mark your answers according to how you are now.
  • Sometimes our personality can change depending on our environment (work or home). Mark your answers according to the environment you are most interested in. 
  • You will benefit the most from this assessment if you answer honestly. The best answer is the first one that comes to your mind.
  • Sometimes it's helpful to ask other's opinions as well. You may ask someone you trust and  who knows you well to be your assessor.  Then you may compare the results. 

Please choose the one answer in each row that best describes you or the person you are assessing.

We promise to keep your information anonymous.

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  • The instructions, likewise, can remain as you see here, or you may compose your own.
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  • Feel free to customize and make it your own, match your website colors and style.
  • You can even add a video here with your own personalized message.
  • You will now begin answering the 40 questions that your client will see. These questions and the scoring of them will remain the same.
  • When you complete this sample assessment, you will see more customization options. You can choose how you will thank your client, supply their results, and redirect them to your website of choice.
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  5. If you are the assessor for yourself, enter "myself". If you are the assessor for someone else, enter that person's name. 

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