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The Unconscious RACE Pattern Assessment asks your level of agreement with 18 written samples representing 3 primary patterns or perspectives related to race.  These patterns have revealed themselves as predominant in our experience over many years of doing the work of our nonprofit in business, communities, government, education, healthcare, and law enforcement. You have heard these patterns too: in the media, your family, at work, in your faith community!

According to each pattern’s core determining value, we call the three patterns:

They do not exist in any specific order.  Each of these perspectives possesses both assets and weaknesses. None are better than the others though, generally, the holders of each tend to believe strongly that their pattern is superior to the others and that if the others were “like them” the world or organizational ills would be solved.  Each tends to believe that “our way” is the only way our companies, organizations, communities, and nations can survive and thrive.  In reality, there is a systemic “dysfunctional” homeostasis, or balance, wherein each pattern attempts to change the other while overlooking its’ own weaknesses and limitations.

The greater the support and experience a person has, over time, in understanding these different patterns, the more a person is able to naturally “leverage,” integrate, or utilize the assets of all three patterns and to minimize their weaknesses. As we integrate the strengths of each pattern we develop the ability to shift patterns based on the needs of the situation.  We reduce our habit (pattern) of over-reliance on a single pattern and recognize that all three are are essential and function interdependently.

We have found these patterns are not only related to race but to other differences as well: sexual orientation, religion, disability, gender, socio-economic class, ethnicity, and many more.  For a more in-depth information and measurement of your patterns as they relate to all of these differences, please visit our website at

DIRECTIONS: Choose the number that best represents your level of agreement with each of the following 18 statements.

Please note that some of the questions may be uncomfortable, offensive, frustrating, or confusing.

  1. 1. People are the same no matter our race.

    Strongly Disagree
    Strongly Agree
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