Every statement must be graded as:  "Yes,"  "No,"  or "Maybe."

For accuracy please answer as you believe you are, not as you'd like to be.

Honestly grade each statement: "Yes," for "yes, this is really me."

"No" for "This is probably NOT how I am." and 

"Maybe" for this is maybe how I am,"

(If you don't know whether it applies, it's usually best to check "no")

Even though this assessment is not  timed the best results will happen when you answer each question quickly and from your instincts.

Most people will complete this in less then 12 minutes.

6 Basic Human Needs Assessment
  1. People are impressed by me. 

  2. Feeling that I “belong” is important to me. 

  3. I need to feel grounded. 

  4. I don’t mind taking risks. 

  5. I fear change. 

  6. A failure is not a failure if you keep trying.