This section measures items such as time management, procrastination, persistence, academic attributes, and willingness to ask for help. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers. Indicate the answer choice which best describes how you really are, not how you may feel you should be or how you may feel the school would like for you to be.

Online Readiness Assessment
  1. Which terms below best describe how many distractions (examples: children, loud noises, conversations) there are where you will primarily be working on your school work?

  2. Communication in a college course often occurs through an online discussion board. The image above is of an online discussion board. If you wanted to post your comments in response to these comments posted by John, where would you click?

  3. What is used to point, click, select, or move information on the computer screen?

  4. You are working on a report on a friend's computer. You want to save the report file and take it home. Which electronic storage device could you use to save the file for later revision on another computer?

  5. Which of the following is NOT a valid Web address?

  6. To create a letter or essay, which software program would be the best choice to use?

  7. Which of the following would you click to attach a file to your email?


    A    D