Have you checked out Assessment Generator lately? Have you seen the new features?

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just released a completely new version of our software!

It’s loaded with lots of great new features designed to take your assessment experience to a whole new level.

Here is just a sampling of our new features:

  • A modern and intuitive assessment editor interface
  • Drag and drop ordering of questions, options, and score interpretations
  • Flexible point value scoring for all question types
  • Progress bar to guide users through assessments
  • Interactive styling editor with an instantaneous preview pane
  • Request users’ contact information before¬†they begin your assessment, after they complete it, or not at all
  • More flexibility in how users receive their assessment results

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Jen Sparks
Jen Sparks

Jen loves helping people find assessment solutions to meet their needs. As co-owner and CEO of Assessment Generator, she brings her engineering management background to simplify creating online assessments with detailed feedback, advanced reporting, and branded, downloadable PDFs.