There are so many ways to customize your assessments in Assessment Generator.

This is especially true when it comes to…

c o l o r.

It’s easy to add your logo and your brand colors to your assessment with our numerous style options.

Here are just some of the items that you can customize to your brand:

  • Page background color
  • Question text color
  • Title & accent color
  • Assessment border color
  • Title border color
  • Assessment background color
  • Alternate question background color
  • Horizontal line color between questions

And now, you can also select the colors of your assessment score charts!

For example, use one of your brand colors for your simple assessment score chart:

Simple assessment chart

Or display your brand color in the bar chart for your type-based assessment:

Bar chart same colors

If you prefer, you can select a different color for each one of your types when you use bar charts in your assessments:

bar chart different colors

You can also choose a different color for each of your types when you use pie charts:

Pie chart

In addition, you can also now select the color for the navigation buttons within your assessments, giving it just a bit more personalization for you.

With so much flexibility on offer, what’s stopping you?

Create your free Assessment Generator account today!

Jen Sparks
Jen Sparks

Jen loves helping people find assessment solutions to meet their needs. As co-owner and CEO of Assessment Generator, she brings her engineering management background to simplify creating online assessments with detailed feedback, advanced reporting, and branded, downloadable PDFs.