You can now search and filter responses to your assessments from within your Assessment Generator account.

There’s an easier way to both view and export a subset of all of your assessment results.

This new feature allows you to select responses by: 

When you go to the Responses page for your assessment, at the top, you will now find filter fields for the date range, respondent name (or email address), and group name. These will help to narrow down the list of respondents as desired. Being able to narrow down the list is especially valuable when you have a large number of respondents and only need to see a special group of them.


Simply enter your field choices and click the Search button to narrow your list of assessment respondents displayed. Click the Clear button to view your entire list.


response filters

When you select “Export Responses” from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner, your export request will include whichever filter settings you have in place.


export responses menu

Please see Viewing and Exporting Users’ Responses for more details.


Thank you for choosing Assessment Generator!


Jen Sparks
Jen Sparks

Jen loves helping people find assessment solutions to meet their needs. As co-owner and CEO of Assessment Generator, she brings her engineering management background to simplify creating online assessments with detailed feedback, advanced reporting, and branded, downloadable PDFs.