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Assessment Generator questions

What kinds of assessments do you offer?

Assessment Generator features two kinds of assessments:

  • Simple assessments provide the user with a single, overall score for the entire assessment. After the respondent completes the assessment, you can provide different content depending on the respondent’s score.
  • Type- (or Category) based assessments allow you to define several categories. You assign points from each question to one of your types, and the respondent receives a separate score for each type. Those scores can be depicted on a bar, pie, radar, or radial-pie chart, and respondents can be shown different content depending on which type they score highest in.

What question types do you offer?

Our question types include:

  • Checkbox: Simply check the box if it’s true
  • Scale: For ranking how much a statement can be applied to the user (eg. 1-5, 1-10, etc)
  • Narrative: Excellent for when you expect a text or narrative answer from the user
  • Binary (eg. True/False, Yes/No, etc.)
  • Options (also known as Multiple-Choice): Allows your users to select their answer from the list you provide
  • Ranking: Allows for respondents to put a list of items in order of their preference
  • Numeric: great for capturing numerical answers

How do I share my assessment with others?

Every assessment that you create in Assessment Generator is given a unique URL that you can connect to a button on your website, use in an email link, or share on social media.

You can also embed your assessment in an iframe or display it in a pop-up window on your website.

Check out Sharing Your Assessment in our User Guide for details.

Will my assessment work on mobile devices?

Yes — All of our assessments are mobile-friendly. 

How can my respondents receive their assessment results?

Assessment results can be shown on the user’s browser screen, sent in an email message, or presented in a printable PDF report. You can customize these results by score or just provide a thank you screen.

You can also opt to redirect the user to your website if you prefer. With Advanced and higher subscriptions you can automatically redirect your respondents to a URL based on their assessment score.

How do I get all the emails/contact information for my respondents?

There are several ways to get all the emails and contact information for your respondents:

  1. You can set up alert email messages that you’ll receive every time someone takes your assessment. By default, an alert email message will include each respondent’s name, email address, and assessment scores. You can customize the content to include detailed assessment results and the printable PDF report.
  2. All responses to your assessment are stored in your account on your Responses page. You can view any of your respondents’ contact information as well as their detailed assessment results.
  3. With any of our subscription plans, you can also export your respondents’ contact information and results to a .CSV file so you can analyze the results in your preferred spreadsheet program.
  4. With Advanced and higher subscriptions, you can integrate your assessment with your CRM or email automation software so you can continue your conversation with your respondents after they receive their assessment results. You can also send your results to hundreds of other applications, including Google Sheets.
  5. Also with Advanced and higher subscriptions, you can send your results to a page on your website using our webhook integration API.

Can I integrate my assessments with external applications?

With Advanced and higher subscriptions, you can integrate your assessment with hundreds of third-party apps through Zapier. You can send respondents’ contact information, scores, and responses to individual questions to the app of your choice.

We also have our own API that you can use to pass respondents’ contact information and score to your website.

How can I charge a fee for others to take my assessment?

Several of our clients set up a paywall on their website to accept payments in exchange for their assessment. Others simply embed their assessment in an iframe inside of their pay-to-access LMS system (such as Thinkific, Teachable, or Kajabi). We can help you set up your paywall, or you can easily set one up yourself in WordPress.

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer two ways to try our software for free:

  1. We offer a Free Forever version of Assessment Generator. There is no time limit or credit card required, and your assessments will be automatically transferred when you upgrade to one of our subscription plans.
  2. We also offer a 2-week free trial of our Advanced features. At the end of your 2-week trial, your account will be automatically downgraded to our Free Forever plan. No credit card is required, and your assessments will be automatically transferred when you upgrade to one of our subscription plans.

What are the main differences between the Basic and Free plans?

The main differences between the Basic and Free plans include the following:

  • Assessments from all paid subscription plans do not display the Free Account banner.
  • The Basic plan allows for three active assessments (meaning that the assessment can be enabled under the Setup tab, the URL will work, and people are able to take those assessments), while the free plan only allows for one active assessment at a time.
  • You can customize your assessment for social media posts (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) with any of our subscription plans, but you can’t with the free plan.
  • You can export all your responses to a CSV file with all of our subscription plans to analyze them in your preferred spreadsheet program. With a free plan, you are limited to exporting a maximum of five responses.
  • You can select either a monthly or annual subscription plan (annual subscribers get one month free)

What are the advantages of having a Private Label account?

The advantages of having a Private Label account include the following:

  • All the features of Basic and Advanced subscriptions, plus…
  • The “Powered by Assessment Generator” footer is removed from all assessments
  • You can specify your brand and the “reply-to” email address in your results email messages
  • You can specify the subject line in your results email messages
  • Results email messages can come from your own email domain
  • Can display a custom subdomain for your assessment URL
  • You can select either a monthly or annual subscription plan (annual subscribers get one month free)

What if I need more assessments than are available with the Private Label plan?

We offer Enterprise-level subscriptions for those who require more active assessments than are available through our Private Label plan. Our Enterprise plans offer all the same benefits of Private Label and provide more organizational capabilities so you can easily sort through a larger number of assessments.

What does the term "active assessments" mean?

Active assessment are those that are enabled in your account. Active assessments can be completed and respondents will receive their results. You can activate or deactivate your assessment at any time from within your Assessment Generator account.

When I make changes to my assessment does it update automatically?

Yes, when you update your assessment in your account, it updates the link automatically. Whenever someone takes your assessment (from anywhere that you’ve shared it), they will automatically receive the most recent version of your assessment.

Can I customize my assessment completely in my language?

Our clients use Assessment Generator in Spanish, French, Mandarin and many other languages. You can generate the questions and the result explanations in any language you’d like. We’ve also recently deployed the ability to set the text on all assessment buttons and other text prompts.

How can I protect my assessment?

For added security, you can use the encryption feature of Assessment Generator to protect your assessment URL from being shared without your knowledge. Some of our clients use this feature so they can charge a price for others to take their assessment while knowing that their intellectual property is secure.

Do you provide any assessments that are ready-made?

We do offer a wide selection of ready-made assessments that you can edit and use to suit your business needs. You can also add your own logo and colors as desired to reflect your branding.

Do I need to purchase an Assessment Generator subscription to use the coaching assessment packages?

You don’t have to, but Assessment Generator allows you to automate the assessments on your web site. In other words, prospects will be able to receive their score instantly rather than calculating it on their own and figuring out what it means.

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