Using Instant Feedback

Using Instant Feedback

Who doesn’t love instant feedback?

Instant feedback gives you a sense of where you currently stand and provides an opportunity to take learning to a new level.

With Assessment Generator, you can always provide automatic results for everyone who takes your assessment.

You can also provide instant feedback within your assessment based on how your respondents answer each options question.

How Instant Feedback works

With our newest settings, you can show feedback text when your respondent selects a choice from your options (or “multiple-choice”) question.

The feedback text can be shown in different places during the assessment:

  • Never: This is the default setting, and no feedback is shown
  • Immediately during the assessment: Feedback is shown while the user is completing the assessment, as soon as they select an option.
  • In the respondent’s report: The feedback is shown after they complete the assessment — in their onscreen browser, emailed results, and/or PDF report provided. Note: The feedback will only be shown in the report if it is configured to show questions and responses.
  • Both during the assessment and in the report: Feedback is shown in both places.

Of course, you can also include images, videos, and links with your feedback text.

Check out the Adding Options Questions section of our User Guide for more details.

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Adding Videos to Your Assessments

Adding Videos to Your Assessments

“Video killed the radio star” or so the song goes…

Videos are everywhere these days: YouTube is king on the internet, followed closely behind Facebook Live.

Why do you suppose that is?

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be worth millions.

That’s why there is often no better way to communicate ideas than with video.

Adding Videos to Your Assessment

Did you know that you can add videos to your assessment in Assessment Generator?

Here’s how:

Start by uploading your video to YouTube. You can make your video “Unlisted” so only those who have the URL can see your video.

If you don’t already have a YouTube account, it’s easy to set one up. If you happen to have a Gmail or Google account, then you can use those login credentials to access YouTube.

After you upload your video, click on the “Share” link underneath your video:

YouTube video

A window will pop-up on your screen with a number of video share options.

Click on the “Embed” link:

Then click on the “Copy” link (in the lower right corner) to copy your YouTube video embed code:

Now go to the editor window in Assessment Generator where you want to place your video and click on the “Source” button at the top of the window:

Paste your embed code (use CTRL-V on your PC or Command-V on your Mac).

Your embed YouTube video code will be displayed. Here is also where you can edit the width and height of your video:

embed video

Click “Source” again to see your video, center it on the screen (if desired), and click “Save” to save your changes.

Saving embedded YouTube video in Assessment Generator editor

You can add videos anywhere in your assessment that you see the HTML editor shown above – in the header, instructions, and even in the questions themselves!

Custom Assessment Solutions

Custom Assessment Solutions

Your business is unique, and sometimes a cookie-cutter solution just isn’t enough.

We get it.

When you buy an off-the-shelf solution, it will often meet most of your needs but it’s seldom perfect.

But who has the time or the money to invest in a fully-customized solution?

That’s why we’ve added the ability to create personalized solutions for individual users and assessments.

Each customization is unique to you. You specify exactly how it should work and no one else can use what you design.

Examples of Our Custom Solutions

Here are some examples of some solutions that we’ve created for our clients:

  1. Automatic Spreadsheet Population. One of our clients has a spreadsheet that they populate with their assessment responses. The spreadsheet performs calculations based on those responses and generates graphs and other content. Before they started using Assessment Generator, they populated all of this spreadsheet data by hand. Now they log into their Assessment Generator account, select the responses to include in the report, and their spreadsheet is automatically populated and sent directly to them. This saves our client the time and hassle of entering the data by hand.
  2. Customized PDF Assessment Report. Another client had a need for creating a specifically-styled PDF report to send to users with images, headers, and footers on each page. We created the report format based upon their design so they can achieve the level of impact they desired.
  3. Customized MS Word Assessment Report. Our client needed to generate an editable report so he could insert extra information before sending the report to the recipient. We designed a solution that automatically generates and sends a report to our client in MS Word format. Our client modifies the report as desired, converts it to PDF, and then sends it along to his prospect, which saves him valuable time.

Looking for something more than just a standard solution?

Schedule an appointment today to discuss your requirements. Then we’ll create a quote for a tailored solution that best meets your needs.

There is no charge and no obligation for the consultation or the quote.

We look forward to helping you create your dream assessment!

Filtering Responses to Your Assessment

Filtering Responses to Your Assessment

There’s now an easier way to both view and export a subset of all of your assessment results.

You can now search and filter responses to your assessments from within your Assessment Generator account.

This new feature allows you to select responses by:

When you go to the Responses page for your assessment, you will now find filter fields for the date range, respondent name (or email address), and group name.

Simply enter your field choices and click the Search button to narrow your list of assessment respondents displayed. Click the Clear button to view your entire list.

response filters

When you select “Export Responses” from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner, your export request will include whichever filter settings you have in place.

export responses menu

Please see Viewing and Exporting Users’ Responses for more details.

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Match Your Brand with Colorful Assessments

Match Your Brand with Colorful Assessments

There are so many ways to customize your assessments in Assessment Generator.

This is especially true when it comes to…

c o l o r.

It’s easy to add your logo and your brand colors to your assessment with our numerous style options.

Here are just some of the items that you can customize to your brand:

  • Page background color
  • Question text color
  • Title & accent color
  • Assessment border color
  • Title border color
  • Assessment background color
  • Alternate question background color
  • Horizontal line color between questions

And now, you can also select the colors of your assessment score charts!

For example, use one of your brand colors for your simple assessment score chart:

Simple assessment chart

Or display your brand color in the bar chart for your type-based assessment:

Bar chart same colors

If you prefer, you can select a different color for each one of your types when you use bar charts in your assessments:

bar chart different colors

You can also choose a different color for each of your types when you use pie charts:

Pie chart

In addition, you can also now select the color for the navigation buttons within your assessments, giving it just a bit more personalization for you.

With so much flexibility on offer, what’s stopping you?

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Percentage Scoring

Percentage Scoring

Scoring assessments based on points earned has been a core capability of Assessment Generator from our humble beginnings nearly 15 years ago.

But what if you wanted to show the score as a percentage of the maximum possible score? Until recently, you were out of luck.

Now Assessment Generator will automatically calculate and display users’ score percentage in their assessment results.

How to Set up Percentage Scoring

From within the Assessment Generator editor, click on the “Scoring” tab for your simple assessment.

Directly above the Score Interpretations banner, you will find a new option to “Show Score as Percentage”.

Percent score

Click this option to show your users’ results as a percentage of the total possible score.

select show score as percentage

Your users’ results will then be presented as a percentage of the maximum possible score:


results example as a percentage of the maximum possible score

It’s that easy. In fact, this change offers so much punch that we’re wishing we’d done this a long time ago.

Thank you for choosing Assessment Generator. Enjoy!