Scoring Your Online Assessments

Scoring Your Online Assessments

For an online assessment, scoring is an incredibly important benefit. Your scoring needs to give your assessment respondents a clear picture of their results and show how you as an expert in your field can help them. There is room to be both creative and strategic in your assessment scoring, and below we’ll dive into how!


Online Assessment Scoring Models

Assessment Generator offers a variety of ways to score your assessment and provide feedback to your respondents. When creating your assessment, the first choice to make is which kind of assessment will be the most beneficial for you.

Scoring Your Online Assessments

Simple Assessment:

A simple assessment gives the respondent a single score, similar to a test in school. You can set up score bands to provide different content depending on the score received. For example, a respondent’s report might include, “You scored low. That means you could use improvement in this area…” A different score would receive a different message. Another example would be “How comfortable are you with one-on-one coachings?” Score ranges like 0-100% would give different results to respondents… so a 90 would be “very comfortable!”

Simple assessments can be scored manually (by defining upper and lower bounds of score ranges) or automatically (dividing the maximum possible score for your assessment by the number of interpretations you create) to define scoring parameters. 


Type Assessment:

A type assessment allows you to set up several types or categories. For any Harry Potter fans out there, this is like your very own Assessment Sorting Hat! Points for each question are assigned to a specific type resulting in multiple scores – one for each type. Respondents are placed into different buckets based on their scores. You can choose to use these scores to classify the respondent into one of the types based on their highest score.

Type assessment results allow you to give greater context to a respondent’s score. You can choose to show the type descriptions for the highest scoring type, the lowest scoring type, or all types. You can also present the scores for your types using one of several types of charts, and set custom colors for use in the bar and radial bar charts. 

Multi-Type Assessments:

A multi-type assessment rates a respondent across several categories, similar to a report card with grades or scores in different subjects. You are able to provide detailed feedback in the form of score explanations for all of the types used- simply create score bands for each type. 

For example, an HR department might assess employee skill levels in several different areas, such as time management, professionalism, and computer skills. The assessment would include questions related to each of those areas, and the respondent would receive a separate score in each. The respondent’s report could then include score-based feedback in each area, perhaps identifying appropriate training resources based on the score. Similar to Type assessments, you can choose from several types of charts to present assessment results.


As you can see, there are many ways you can customize the scoring of your assessments. Ready to try them out yourself? Click here to try building an assessment today!


Styling Your Online Assessments

Styling Your Online Assessments

When creating your engaging online assessments, the various ways you style them can help you stand out. Do you want your assessments to be easy for your respondents to take? Do you want the type of assessment you choose to make sense for what you’re asking and offering? Hopefully your answer is a resounding “yes!” Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Let’s dive into some of the many options Assessment Generator has available for you for the styling of your online assessments.

Assessment Styles to Stand Out

Did you know that you can style your online assessments with your own brand colors and fonts? You can! This truly helps your assessment look like a seamless extension of your business and brand. The Style page is the place where you can do this when creating your own assessments. You can choose from several pre-designed layouts for your assessment, from those with borders, one question per page, or various background colors to visually separate your questions.

You are also able to change your font types and sizes to better reflect your brand, and highlight areas throughout your assessment. You can select a default font size for the assessment as a whole, and still have the flexibility to override your chosen default throughout for customization.

Styling Your Online Assessments

Customization within your assessment

To begin customizing your assessment, first choose a layout:

  • Clean & Simple – just your content.
  • Bordered – a thin border around each page of questions, and horizontal lines separating them
  • Striped – alternating background colors helps differentiate questions
  • Single Question – one question per page. Most question types auto-advance to the next question, making navigation easier.

Select fonts for your assessment. Your default font will be used throughout your assessment and report, and you can select additional fonts for specific pieces of content.

Spice up your assessment with a background image. Select one of our predefined images, or upload your own. A good background image lends polish and professionalism.

Customize the text used for standard elements in the assessment. For example, you can choose the text that appears on the navigation buttons instead of “Next” and “Previous.” This is especially helpful if you’re building an assessment for a language other than English.

Select a color palette to compliment your brand and your personality, or choose your own colors.

Finally, what if you include a video in your assessment? Instead of just text, you can incorporate some truly interactive content within an assessment. Videos can easily be embedded once you’ve uploaded them to Youtube.

There are truly a multitude of options available to customize the style of your assessment. Curious how to make an assessment yourself? Click here to start building your assessment today!

Create Eye-Catching Online Assessments

Create Eye-Catching Online Assessments

Assessments can be an absolutely game-changing marketing tool to add to your arsenal — but how do you get people to take them? The style and ease with which respondents can move through your assessments is key. An eye-catching assessment draws the respondent in and makes them want to keep moving through the assessment-taking process… and gives you valuable information about a new client. It’s a win-win!


Assessment Keywords and Copy Matter

The content in your assessment, much like any other marketing tool, is critical. What are your target clients looking for? Is it help with a specific subject or topic? Is it a very niche coaching service that you specialize in? To start from the very beginning here, really think about what the title of your assessment should be and what you are communicating with it. Your assessment’s title should be eye-catching and let any potential respondent know right from the start what kind of advice or service you are offering — and therefore previewing — with your assessment.

Create Eye-Catching Online Assessments

Similarly, what keywords and phrases should you use in your assessment? Can you utilize SEO best practices? Consider and research the keywords around your offerings, and include them in your assessment — especially the title! What are the offerings and expertise unique to you that you can highlight during the assessment?

A respondent should be able to get a feel for your overall style and knowledge level on a subject while taking your assessment. On the back end, you also want to design an assessment that gives you enough information and data to work with (if you so choose!) when a respondent is done.

It is important to balance gathering sufficient data and keeping the assessment succinct. An assessment that takes too long to complete will yield fewer responses.

Assessment Question Options and Styles

If you’re looking to spice up your assessment options, maybe it’s time to explore a Type-Based Assessment vs a Simple Assessment. You also have the ability to play with question types throughout your assessment; maybe you want to use a true/false option or a sliding scale. Perhaps you’d like respondents to type out a short answer, or utilize a check box. Visually, how do you want your assessment to look?

Create Eye-Catching Online Assessments

When creating your assessment, be sure to use fonts and colors that match your brand. You can also add background images to really make your assessment pop. Attending to these style details helps create a visually appealing experience for the respondent. 


Where is your Assessment?

Finally, don’t forget that an eye-catching assessment can only do that… catch some eyes… if people see it!

Where are you putting your assessment so it can get in front of people? Are you embedding it on your website? Linking to it in your email signature or on social media?

There are many ways to share an assessment, so think of where your audience (or potential audience) spends the most time and try there. If you follow the advice above, once they open your assessment, they should be mesmerized by all of the great content and questions you’re asking them!

Ready to try out Assessment Generator yourself? Get Started today!


From Assessment Respondent to Client

From Assessment Respondent to Client

Have you ever completed a company’s assessment, and then never heard from that person or business again? What a missed opportunity! If you’re creating valuable assessments for new and current clients alike, it’s essential that you go one step further and truly understand the result of those assessments… alongside your clients! Below, we’ll take a look at a few ways you can ensure that anyone completing your assessments has all the reasons they need to become your client.


Personalized Follow-up to Respondents

There’s no better way to convert a new client who is on the fence than with an authentic and personalized follow-up. Assessments make this easier for you, too, as they provide personalized feedback through their scoring! Once you set up your tailored score interpretations, Assessment Generator will automatically share the corresponding interpretation with each respondent after they complete your assessment. Your follow-up process is personalized, immediate, and automatic.

You could even take this a step further on the productivity train and automate your follow-up sequence! Assessment Generator offers many integrations that let you automate your list building, email campaigns, and follow up. These critical follow-up moments help you stand out from the competition, and let you use your knowledge to enhance the assessment-completion process with a clear, tailored explanation of results and recommendations post-assessment.


From Assessment Respondent to Client

Online Assessments in your Marketing Funnel

Assessments are an excellent tool to add into your existing marketing funnel. Not only do they show off your expertise and provide immediate feedback in the form of their results, but they also- as mentioned above- provide excellent opportunities for follow-ups. You can build a robust follow-up sequence via email (or whichever method you choose) to keep people engaged post-assessment.

Perhaps you start out by including some personalized feedback (aka their results report!) in a follow-up email. Then you could check in and see how they’re using it. All of these emails can be automated and sequenced out in whichever way you’d like. These multiple touchpoints of communication help to keep a potential client engaged and aware of you and your business. If you set this up once, you can watch it work for you!


There are many ways to attract new clients, but with a product like an assessment, you are truly standing out. Not only does an assessment provide interactive and engaging marketing in and of itself, but its results give you prime opportunities to follow up and keep people engaged. It’s a win-win!


Want to learn more, and give assessments a try yourself? Start here today with a free trial!

Integrating CRM Software with Online Assessments

Integrating CRM Software with Online Assessments

Assessment Generator’s online assessments provide many benefits as a marketing tool, including their ability to integrate with your CRM software. Use assessments as part of your marketing funnel to seamlessly track leads and manage your email lists. Below, we’ll look in depth at just a few of the ways you can integrate your assessments with various CRMs. Get ready to save time and streamline your business!


Using Zapier with Online Assessments

Zapier is a tool that lets you automate work across various different applications, and it can be used with our online assessments. You can read more in-depth about this here, but there are seemingly endless ways to automate your processes with Zapier! From automatically adding new rows to a Google Sheet you use for tracking respondents, to automatically adding respondent’s email to your Mailchimp list. These integrations save you valuable time and allow your business and processes to work for you once you set them up initially.


You may be thinking, “how is this different from something like a Google Form?” Sure, a Google Form easily tracks emails, but there are many ways CRMs and various applications can further assist you. With an integration like Zapier, you don’t need to then upload a list of emails into whatever provider you use (MailChimp, etc) – it’s automatically done for you. You’re able to keep crafting and sending out emails to your list, all the while knowing that list is growing on the back-end on its own thanks to your assessments!

Integrating CRM Software with Online Assessments

Multiple CRM integrations with Online Assessments

It’s not just Google or MailChimp, either – our assessment software lets you integrate through Zapier with Slack, Gmail, ConvertKit – the opportunities are endless! Easily trigger an email response to someone in Gmail after they take your assessment, or subscribe someone to a specific form on ConvertKit. Assessment Generator provides an easy-to-follow user guide to walk you through the setup of a variety of common integrations.

These integrations allow you to continue the conversation with respondents after they take your assessment, and save you precious time in doing so. You’ll be able to communicate with new leads faster than ever before, and keep track of everything with ease. 

Curious about how online assessments can work for you and your business? Try Assessment Generator out for free today, and let us know what types of integrations you’re excited to try out!


Lead Gen with Online Assessments

Lead Gen with Online Assessments

Online assessments are an extremely useful tool for lead generation. No matter your industry or business, “lead gen” is a crucial component in building and maintaining a strong pipeline of clients. Assessments are an incredibly powerful lead gen tool, whether you’re looking to engage new clients, retain existing ones, or re-engage past clients.


Draw in new clients with online assessments

An online assessment can draw in a potential client in a variety of ways. Throughout your marketing pipeline, why not offer an assessment that acts as a screening tool for both you and potential clients? This way, someone can get a sneak peek at what it will be like to work with you, and you’ll be able to do the same. This also gives you the opportunity to provide valuable feedback through the assessment’s results, adding value to your potential client’s life before they even begin working with you. What a great way to sell your services! You can then choose to follow up with these respondents as part of your lead gen list (if they’re not already flooding your inbox with emails!)


CRM integration with online assessments

So, how can you easily keep track of your leads, especially while using online assessments? With Assessment Generator, the process is seamless! Our software integrates with a variety of CRM software so you can continue the conversation with your respondents after they complete their assessment. Whether you’re using Zapier to send automated emails or add new contacts to your mailing list, the opportunities are endless! Automation and integrations save you valuable time and energy, and once they’re set up they can work for you while you sleep (much like assessments!) It’s a win-win, and a benefit we’re so excited to offer with our assessments.


Online assessments alongside current lead gen tools

Assessments can be used with your current lead gen tools as well. Just think – what better way to really engage participants in a webinar you’re hosting than to have them interact with an assessment. This can happen before, during, or after the webinar, and gives both parties useful information and feedback. Another way to combine assessments with your current lead gen tools is to incorporate assessments into your current content strategy. Perhaps you link out an Instagram Story to an assessment, allowing your followers to interact with you in a new way. Maybe you create a Facebook ad that links out to your assessment, and is targeted to specific groups of people that would be your ideal clients – and benefit from your services! There are many ways to get creative with your marketing, and you know best what’s worked for you in the past. Why not try combining your current tactics with an assessment to gain even more strong leads and results!


Lead Gen with Online Assessments


Lead gen follow up with online assessments

You’ve got people to your website, social post, blog, etc. and they’ve clicked on your assessment – great! Now, the question is what do you do with this information? You’ve gathered strong leads in your online assessment funnel, and where you can truly shine is in the follow-up. Assessments allow you to tailor their results based on how respondents answer, so you can use this moment to truly shine as the subject matter expert you are. In addition to providing respondents with tailored and personal feedback, you can then follow up even further with a helpful hint or two, or an email about your next course or offering… that is a perfect fit for clients with certain assessment results!


The opportunities are endless when it comes to using online assessment for lead generation. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try new things; it may be just what you need to become a lean, mean lead-generating machine! Go get ‘em!