Fun with Numbers

Fun with Numbers

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added numeric entry questions to Assessment Generator.

With numeric entry questions, you can ask a question that requires an answer in number form.

numeric entry question

Echo Answers in Assessment Results

Numeric entry questions also include a handy little feature called answer identifiers.

With this new feature, you can easily reference your respondents’ answers to numeric entry questions.

For example, you can echo your respondents’ answers back to them in their assessment results.
Echo Numeric Answer

Please check out Merge Codes in our User Guide for details.

Pass Answers to External Applications

Want to pass your respondents’ answers to your CRM or email automation software?  Well, now you can!

Answer identifiers allow you to pass any of your respondents’ answers to an outside application or webpage.

This capability is available today via any Zapier or webhook integrations.

Perform Math Operations

Finally, you can perform simple math operations using those answers and display those values in your respondent’s report!

Numeric Calculation Example

For example, with your respondents’ answers to numeric questions, you can perform the following operations:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division

You can also combine several simple operations together for more advanced calculations.

For more information, please check out Adding Numeric Questions in our User Guide

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More Than a Touch of Style

More Than a Touch of Style

We’ve revamped our assessment styles to include pre-designed layouts, color palettes, and custom text elements!

When it comes to styling your assessments, we’ve completely transformed and upgraded the options available to you in Assessment Generator.

Want to get your assessment looking great — quickly — so you can get your assessment online?

We’ve got you covered!

Pre-Designed Assessment Layouts

There are now several pre-designed assessment layouts for you to choose from:

  • Clean & Simple:  plain assessment with no borders or question separators
  • Bordered:  assessment has a border and questions are separated by horizontal lines
  • Striped:  assessment has a border and questions are separated by an alternating background-color
  • Single question:  one question per page, auto-advance to next question

Customize Assessments

Color Palettes

You can also select from one of our beautiful new color palettes:

Color Palettes

Or you can enter your own brand or custom colors to any layout:

Custom Colors

Customize Text Elements

We’re pleased to announce that you can also now completely customize all the text elements in your assessment!

If you ever wanted to change the wording on any of the buttons or pre-set fields in your assessment… now you can!

Text Elements

This gives you so much more control over the presentation of your assessment.

It also provides increased support for non-English languages.

Want to create your assessment in Spanish, French, Mandarin, Hebrew, or Arabic?  

Now you can!  

All the elements in your assessment can now be created in your language.

Text Elements French Spanish Chinese Mandarin Hebrew

Detailed Color Settings

Want access to more advanced style options?

We offer detailed color settings so you can individually set the colors of every element in your assessment.

Detailed Color Settings

If you already have an assessment in Assessment Generator, you’ll find all of your previous settings intact under Detailed Color Settings. You can keep your assessment styles as-is or opt to use any of the new style options available.

Whenever you create a new assessment, the new layouts and color palettes are offered by default. You can easily switch between color settings by checking the “Use Detailed Color Settings” box in the upper right of your screen.

Please check out Styling Your Assessment in our User Guide for more details.

With so much flexibility on offer, what’s stopping you?

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Monetize Your Assessments

Monetize Your Assessments

Assessments are a fantastic tool for lead generation. In fact, they’re recognized as one of the best tools to use for engagement marketing.

In exchange for your expert analysis of their responses, visitors are willing to share their email address with you. The best part is that with Assessment Generator, you can provide that analysis automatically when you set up your assessment, effectively putting your lead generation on auto-pilot.

It’s safe, private, and effective for them.  It’s also efficient and easy for you to find your ideal clients.

It’s a true win-win.

Yet sometimes it’s nice to offer something more

Offer a more extensive assessment, for a price

Several of our clients create longer, more comprehensive versions of their assessments to sell on their website. When visitors purchase the assessment, they receive exclusive access which often includes a longer, more detailed report.

You can include information in the free version of your assessment to entice respondents to upgrade to the paid version.  Simply describe the additional value that they’ll glean from the paid version and include a link to purchase the product.

Also, consider offering an additional upsell: the comprehensive assessment plus a 30-minute or 1-hour coaching session.

These practices can help you monetize your valuable expertise.

How to charge a fee for your assessment

First, you’ll need to set up a product and a way to accept payment on your website.

Next, you’ll want to embed your assessment on your website (using an iframe) that is only accessible to users who have purchased your assessment.

How to do this depends on how your website is built. If you’re using WordPress, we’ve put together a complete guide on how to set it up using plugins.

For non-WordPress sites, contact your web developer and they’ll be able to help you get started.

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Capturing Preferences with Ranking Questions

Capturing Preferences with Ranking Questions

Assessments offer a terrific way to capture your respondents’ preferences.

Do you prefer A or B?

Which of the following options best fits your situation?

But what if you’d also like to know what someone’s 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th choices are?

Simply put, that’s precisely where ranking questions excel.

Ranking questions allow respondents to select their order of preferences from among the list of options presented to them.

You can select which option is your favorite, and also arrange all the remaining options in order of preference behind your top choice.

And you can do so all in the compactness and simple elegance of 1 question.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that…

Assessment Generator now offers ranking questions!

Ranking question

As a premium feature, ranking questions are available for Advanced and Private Label subscribers for use in Type-based assessments.

When you set up a ranking question, you don’t need to assign score values. The score is determined by the order in which the user places the options. You can also choose to reverse the scoring so respondents’ top preference receives the largest number of points for each question.

Complete details on how to create a ranking question and how they are scored can be found in the Adding Ranking Questions section of our User Guide.

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