From Assessment Respondent to Client

From Assessment Respondent to Client

Have you ever completed a company’s assessment, and then never heard from that person or business again? What a missed opportunity! If you’re creating valuable assessments for new and current clients alike, it’s essential that you go one step further and truly understand the result of those assessments… alongside your clients! Below, we’ll take a look at a few ways you can ensure that anyone completing your assessments has all the reasons they need to become your client.


Personalized Follow-up to Respondents

There’s no better way to convert a new client who is on the fence than with an authentic and personalized follow-up. Assessments make this easier for you, too, as they provide personalized feedback through their scoring! Once you set up your tailored score interpretations, Assessment Generator will automatically share the corresponding interpretation with each respondent after they complete your assessment. Your follow-up process is personalized, immediate, and automatic.

You could even take this a step further on the productivity train and automate your follow-up sequence! Assessment Generator offers many integrations that let you automate your list building, email campaigns, and follow up. These critical follow-up moments help you stand out from the competition, and let you use your knowledge to enhance the assessment-completion process with a clear, tailored explanation of results and recommendations post-assessment.


From Assessment Respondent to Client

Online Assessments in your Marketing Funnel

Assessments are an excellent tool to add into your existing marketing funnel. Not only do they show off your expertise and provide immediate feedback in the form of their results, but they also- as mentioned above- provide excellent opportunities for follow-ups. You can build a robust follow-up sequence via email (or whichever method you choose) to keep people engaged post-assessment.

Perhaps you start out by including some personalized feedback (aka their results report!) in a follow-up email. Then you could check in and see how they’re using it. All of these emails can be automated and sequenced out in whichever way you’d like. These multiple touchpoints of communication help to keep a potential client engaged and aware of you and your business. If you set this up once, you can watch it work for you!


There are many ways to attract new clients, but with a product like an assessment, you are truly standing out. Not only does an assessment provide interactive and engaging marketing in and of itself, but its results give you prime opportunities to follow up and keep people engaged. It’s a win-win!


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Integrating CRM Software with Online Assessments

Integrating CRM Software with Online Assessments

Assessment Generator’s online assessments provide many benefits as a marketing tool, including their ability to integrate with your CRM software. Use assessments as part of your marketing funnel to seamlessly track leads and manage your email lists. Below, we’ll look in depth at just a few of the ways you can integrate your assessments with various CRMs. Get ready to save time and streamline your business!


Using Zapier with Online Assessments

Zapier is a tool that lets you automate work across various different applications, and it can be used with our online assessments. You can read more in-depth about this here, but there are seemingly endless ways to automate your processes with Zapier! From automatically adding new rows to a Google Sheet you use for tracking respondents, to automatically adding respondent’s email to your Mailchimp list. These integrations save you valuable time and allow your business and processes to work for you once you set them up initially.


You may be thinking, “how is this different from something like a Google Form?” Sure, a Google Form easily tracks emails, but there are many ways CRMs and various applications can further assist you. With an integration like Zapier, you don’t need to then upload a list of emails into whatever provider you use (MailChimp, etc) – it’s automatically done for you. You’re able to keep crafting and sending out emails to your list, all the while knowing that list is growing on the back-end on its own thanks to your assessments!

Integrating CRM Software with Online Assessments

Multiple CRM integrations with Online Assessments

It’s not just Google or MailChimp, either – our assessment software lets you integrate through Zapier with Slack, Gmail, ConvertKit – the opportunities are endless! Easily trigger an email response to someone in Gmail after they take your assessment, or subscribe someone to a specific form on ConvertKit. Assessment Generator provides an easy-to-follow user guide to walk you through the setup of a variety of common integrations.

These integrations allow you to continue the conversation with respondents after they take your assessment, and save you precious time in doing so. You’ll be able to communicate with new leads faster than ever before, and keep track of everything with ease. 

Curious about how online assessments can work for you and your business? Try Assessment Generator out for free today, and let us know what types of integrations you’re excited to try out!


Lead Generation with Online Assessments

Lead Generation with Online Assessments

Online assessments are an extremely useful tool for lead generation. No matter your industry or business, “lead gen” is a crucial component in building and maintaining a strong pipeline of clients. Assessments are an incredibly powerful lead gen tool, whether you’re looking to engage new clients, retain existing ones, or re-engage past clients.


Draw in new clients with online assessments

An online assessment can draw in a potential client in a variety of ways. Throughout your marketing pipeline, why not offer an assessment that acts as a screening tool for both you and potential clients? This way, someone can get a sneak peek at what it will be like to work with you, and you’ll be able to do the same. This also gives you the opportunity to provide valuable feedback through the assessment’s results, adding value to your potential client’s life before they even begin working with you. What a great way to sell your services! You can then choose to follow up with these respondents as part of your lead gen list (if they’re not already flooding your inbox with emails!)


CRM integration with online assessments

So, how can you easily keep track of your leads, especially while using online assessments? With Assessment Generator, the process is seamless! Our software integrates with a variety of CRM software so you can continue the conversation with your respondents after they complete their assessment. Whether you’re using Zapier to send automated emails or add new contacts to your mailing list, the opportunities are endless! Automation and integrations save you valuable time and energy, and once they’re set up they can work for you while you sleep (much like assessments!) It’s a win-win, and a benefit we’re so excited to offer with our assessments.


Online assessments alongside current lead gen tools

Assessments can be used with your current lead gen tools as well. Just think – what better way to really engage participants in a webinar you’re hosting than to have them interact with an assessment. This can happen before, during, or after the webinar, and gives both parties useful information and feedback.

Another way to combine assessments with your current lead gen tools is to incorporate assessments into your current content strategy. Perhaps you link out an Instagram Story to an assessment, allowing your followers to interact with you in a new way.

Maybe you create a Facebook ad that links out to your assessment, and is targeted to specific groups of people that would be your ideal clients – and benefit from your services! There are many ways to get creative with your marketing, and you know best what’s worked for you in the past. Why not try combining your current tactics with an assessment to gain even more strong leads and results!


Lead Generation with Online Assessments


Lead generation follow up with online assessments

You’ve got people to your website, social post, blog, etc. and they’ve clicked on your assessment – great! Now, the question is what do you do with this information? You’ve gathered strong leads in your online assessment funnel, and where you can truly shine is in the follow-up.

Assessments allow you to tailor their results based on how respondents answer, so you can use this moment to truly shine as the subject matter expert you are.

In addition to providing respondents with tailored and personal feedback, you can then follow up even further with a helpful hint or two, or an email about your next course or offering… that is a perfect fit for clients with certain assessment results!

The opportunities are endless when it comes to using online assessment for lead generation. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try new things; it may be just what you need to become a lean, mean lead-generating machine! Go get ‘em!


Assessment Ideas that Drive Interaction

Assessment Ideas that Drive Interaction

Nothing helps clients remember you more than their experience interacting with you and your brand. Whether before, during, or after working with you, an online assessment drives that experience and interaction.

Online assessments are engaging marketing and lead gen tools, but how can you take things further? Interactive and engaging marketing is critical to making you and your business successful – because it makes you stand out! Someone may not yet be a customer, but you can engage them with an interactive assessment.


How Are You Already Interacting With Clients?

Examining how you already interact with them is a great place to start. Are you hosting webinars? Great! Try using online assessments with, or within, your webinars. Check out this article on how to use pre-assessments or assessments during and after your webinar to gain valuable insights into your audience. Like an interactive quiz, an assessment lets you provide these new clients with custom-tailored recommendations, even mid-webinar if you’d like. Talk about looking like a pro!

Assessment Ideas that Drive Interaction

Assessment Placements for Engagement 

The placement of your assessment is an important piece for your overall engagement and interaction with clients. For example, does it pop up on your website, making it easy to find and enticing to click on? To keep assessments top-of-mind for new and current clients, consider linking to them in your email signature, blog posts, or social media platforms.

These call-outs don’t need just to say “click here for assessment” on them, either. Get creative with your links and copy. What do your ideal clients want and need? Draft some enticing words that would draw them in and relate to your assessment and bam! — instant clicks and assessment-takers await you.

Assessment Ideas that Drive Interaction

Use Assessments to Provide Tailored Feedback

Take a moment and think about how many assessments you’ve ever taken that felt like they were truly tailored to you — either during or after. Is it a lot? Probably not.

You, as an entrepreneur, have an incredible opportunity with assessments to reach out to your clients and make them feel seen and heard – at scale! The assessments you build should gather information on your clients while showcasing what you do best and most effectively.

By giving this tailored feedback to your clients (in the form of their assessment results or report), you are providing your valuable expertise to them for free. This does two things — first, it gives you credibility as an expert in your field. Second, perhaps more importantly, it leverages the reciprocity principle of marketing. By giving them your advice or analysis for free, they are more likely to engage with you to “return the favor.”

This feedback is at the core of assessments, providing value to entice clients to work with you. You get to learn about someone even before they become a client, and they get to learn about you — with the added bonus of some specific feedback. There’s no better way to engage and interact with someone than if you are already working together — it can make the process of actually working together afterward seem like a no-brainer!

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How to Use Coaching Assessments

How to Use Coaching Assessments

Online assessments can be an incredible asset to your coaching business when used effectively! From pre-screening potential clients to managing ongoing progress and expectations, assessments let you gather valuable information and simultaneously provide feedback and results. It’s like automation meets personalization – and we bet you and your clients will love them!


Finding new clients with Assessments

An online assessment can act as a free teaser of your expertise to engage new and potential clients. Some ways you could utilize this are to put an assessment link in your email signature, blog, or social media. This could be as simple as a link that’s calling out a question, for instance, “Are you in the right mindset for Summer?” if you’re a mindset-focus coach. The opportunities and topics are endless here, and the main goal is to get people to interact with you in some way right off the bat.

How to use Coaching Assessments

Coaching Topics for Assessments

Let’s look at some other potential topics, too. Are you a coach looking to help startups or small businesses get off the ground? You could offer a business assessment such as “How ready are you to launch your business?” that assesses where a client is and offers useful feedback and advice to help them. This feedback is extremely important, as it’s positioning you as an expert in that field, and offering potential solutions to clients before you’re technically even working with them. What better way to prove just how brilliant you are at what you do!


Assessments to Measure Progress

Another great way to use assessments as a coach is to measure ongoing progress. You could offer monthly or quarterly assessments to measure a client’s progress by having similar questions, and seeing how the results change over time. This is also a great way for you to tailor your coaching practice based on what may be working extremely well versus what may not. It’s a win-win for both you and your clients!


As you can see above, assessments can be used in a variety of ways to strengthen your coaching practice. Whether before, during, and after your interactions with a client, assessments provide valuable information and feedback to you both. 

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Using Assessments with Webinars

Using Assessments with Webinars

Assessments are an incredible tool to use alongside webinars – but how do you use them effectively?  Have you ever wished you could engage your attendees even more before, during, or after your webinar? What if you could learn more about attendees before they even sign in to your webinar – and therefore be able to better understand their needs and target your content?

Assessments for pre-webinar engagement

So, you have a great webinar ready to go – awesome! Whether it’s your first webinar or you’re a webinar-leading pro, an assessment can be of use to you. If you’re going to send an assessment to attendees before a webinar, there are a few different questions you could ask, such as:

  • What do you hope to get from this webinar?
  • What drew you to this webinar?
  • Do you have any questions you’d like answered during this webinar?

Pre-webinar assessments let you learn more about your webinar attendees, and therefore be able to provide greater value to them during your webinar. You also can better plan out your content and timing during the webinar, focusing more on areas you now know your audience is hoping you’ll cover! 

Using Assessments with Webinars

Use Assessments during a webinar

Similar to a quick survey or pop-up quiz, assessments can be used during a webinar as well. This scenario lets you engage your audience a step further by having them actively participate in something during the webinar. You can then choose what kind of assessment you will offer, and how you’ll use the results (if at all) during the webinar. If you are having trouble getting potential or current clients to take assessments, this can be a great way to tag-team the process by including them in your webinar script. Simply put a link in a chat and give attendees time to fill out a few questions. Then, you’ll be able to provide instant feedback from your assessment’s results even while you’re presenting on-screen. You can also use this to better follow up individually with attendees after the webinar, which leads us to the next point…

Assessments turn attendees into clients

How many times have you completed a webinar with a group of excited attendees, but then you struggle to keep up that engagement and excitement? Maybe you’re unsure exactly how to reach out to them all individually –and in a more personalized way– to follow up. Or, maybe you’re not sure what exact part of the webinar may have caught their attention. An assessment gives you a new tool to gauge their interest, while also providing valuable feedback. You could follow up and expand upon results from an assessment they took during the webinar, or send a separate follow-up assessment to gain more insight into their thoughts and interest level post-webinar. Either way, you are keeping people engaged with you and your brand, and providing them valuable feedback and proof of your expertise. 

It’s this level of engagement, data, and feedback that make assessments so valuable at turning potential clients into paying clients. You get to show off what makes YOU special. Once you’ve created an assessment, let it do the heavy lifting and seamlessly complement your webinar. It’s a great way to combine marketing and sales channels to give yourself the ultimate chance of success! 

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