Engagement Marketing

Use assessments to engage prospects and convert them to clients

The Business Impact of Engagement Marketing

Marketing experts agree that engagement marketing, also known as interactive marketing, is an effective tool for engaging prospects and converting them to clients. Entrepreneur Magazine and INC Magazine recently published pieces on how to use engagement marketing in your business. Assessments feature prominently in their recommendations.

By using interactive content, you have the ability to provide something that your audience perceives as valuable. In exchange for that value, consumers are willing to provide you with accurate data about themselves.

Because assessments incorporate specific information about a consumer's life, people tend to place more trust in the recommendations that they make. Just be sure that your assessment is truly helpful, and doesn't just deliver the same result no matter what their answer is. Building trust is absolutely essential in marketing today.

- Amy Balliet for Entrepeneur Magazine

Traditional advertising is a one-way street, originating with the company and flowing to the public for them to consume. Information is delivered, and there’s no good way to know whether it resonates with the audience.

Engagement marketing starts a dialogue about your brand. Rather than simply presenting static content to review and digest, interactive content encourages the user to actively engage with the content and thus give more attention to your brand.

In exchange for entertainment, engagement, or true utility, consumers are trustingly giving over accurate data in order to receive something they perceive as valuable

– Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute

Interactive content, and assessments in particular, perform a number of functions that help to attract and engage clients that are a good fit for your business:

Begin a Relationship and Build Trust

The feedback respondents receive from your assessment also establishes a relationship. How? In two ways:

First, your expert analysis represents something of value that you’ve provided to them for free. Because they’ve received something from you, they will be more likely to return the favor by engaging with you in the future.

Second, your analysis of the user’s responses begins a conversation and establishes trust. When you next reach out to the prospect you do so already having established a relationship with them. You can address your communications to a person you know, not to a cold contact. Interactive Marketing turns casual visitors into qualified leads.

Establish Your Credibility

Assessments provide a sample of your work and demonstrate your expertise. A well-designed assessment contains thought-provoking questions that prove your expertise and show that you’ll be able to help  achieve success.

After a respondent submits their responses to your assessment, they automatically receive customized feedback based on their score. This feedback takes another step toward establishing your credibility.

Engage With the Best Clients

Whether you’re a business coach, a life coach, or a consultant, it’s important to work with the most qualified clients. It’s better for you, the coach, because you’re more likely to be able to help the client reach their goals. And it’s better for the client because they’re working with someone well suited to their needs.

If your assessment questions and your analysis of their results resonates with a prospect, they’re more likely to engage with you. On the other hand, your questions might indicate that your services don’t quite match up with their needs. That saves you valuable time you’d otherwise invest in free consultations only to discover that the client isn’t right for you.

Spend More Time in Your Zone of Genius

You started your coaching practice to work with people and help them to achieve their goals. Not to spend time mired in the drudgery of selling your services and weeding out unqualified candidates.

Let Assessment Generator do the dirty work so can do more of what you love and less of what you dread.

Engagement Marketing Made Easy

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