How to drive traffic to your online assessment

How to drive traffic to your online assessment

Online assessments are an interactive evaluation technique that helps companies improve their marketing strategy and client engagement protocols. Assessments are a compelling way to deliver interactive content as you use engagement marketing to transform visitors into regular customers.

Assessments can be an excellent strategy because the questions incorporate feedback with two-way interaction between the company and the customer. However, it’s essential to drive traffic to your online assessment through different techniques such as social media, newsletter, email, and organic web traffic.

Our world is becoming heavily digitized, and a majority of potential customers rely on social media in search of a business similar to yours. Tech Jury 2020 Statistics state that an average smartphone user spends 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on social media, while 50.1% of the time is spent on mobile applications. It makes sense to redirect traffic to online assessments using social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter when your target audience is already present on these platforms.

Build Brand Awareness

In case you don’t already have social media for your business, it’s time to make one. When you sign up over these popular social networks, make sure that you have the same username, bio, and logo across all networks to create consistent brand awareness. It’s also essential to add your website URL to direct traffic to your website.

By building a content calendar and posting regularly, you can create your brand image on social media. When you use an online assessment tool, you can use your colors, logos, and ideas in your assessment to match your brand.

Remember that the questions should be quick and easy to answer. A great technique is to add multiple-choice questions such as binary (yes/no), options, checkbox, and free-text questions. Another efficient customer acquisition strategy is to use email marketing to your advantage. You can add an eye-catching subject line and carefully crafted emails to get in touch with your potential customer. 

Build Your Credibility

With the growing numbers of users on LinkedIn, you can target customers from LinkedIn groups. Whether you’re a business coach, a life coach, or a consultant, the first step is to build your credibility by engaging in debates, sharing content related to your business, and reaching out to the competitor’s audience.

Invite LinkedIn group members to complete your assessment and quickly get feedback in real-time while driving engagement. Since most LinkedIn groups are highly targeted, you can share your online assessment for relevant feedback from professionals.

Since online assessments create brand awareness, you can also use a Call-To-Action to direct your customers to the assessment. 

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Providing Score-based feedback for Types

Providing Score-based feedback for Types

We are very excited to announce the latest addition to Assessment Generator, based on your feedback!

We’ve just added a new way to configure your type-based assessments so you can provide score-based feedback to your respondents for each of your types.

As you know, we offer both simple assessments and type-based assessments:

Simple assessments allow you to provide one overall score for your respondents. You set up score ranges with interpretations for each so that your respondents will have detailed feedback on what their score means.

Type-based assessments have long been a unique and powerful feature of Assessment Generator. They give you the ability to ask a series of questions, identify the respondent’s highest(or lowest)-scoring type based on their responses, and provide one set of explanations related to their type.

Similar to how it works for simple assessments, you can now set-up score ranges for each of your assessment types and add your interpretation content for what it means to score in each of those score ranges.  Your respondent will automatically receive your detailed feedback on their results for each of your assessment types.

For example, let’s say you’re creating an assessment that helps the respondent identify stress in different aspects of their life — financial stress, relationship stress, career stress, etc. Our original method would allow you to identify in which area the respondent is experiencing the most stress and provide content for that area. 

Now you can configure your assessment to provide tailored content based on your respondents’ scores in every area.

For example,

  • You scored high in financial stress. This means that…
  • You scored low in relationship stress. This means that…
  • You scored medium in career stress. This means that…

How to set it up

When you edit your type-based assessment, you’ll see a new setting on the Types tab allowing you to specify how you would like the result presented:

When you select the second option, you’ll be asked whether to use automatic or manual scoring. Manual scoring allows you to specify the numeric score ranges used for each of your score interpretations. Automatic scoring sets that up for you by dividing the total possible score for each type by the number of score interpretations you create for each type.

When you create a new type for your assessment, you’ll see a button below the type description titled “Add Score Interpretation.” Click that to add a new score range to the type. For example, if you’d like to show content based on High, Medium, and Low scores, you’d create three score interpretations.

Our user guide has more information on creating types and score ranges. As always, if you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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3 Ways to Use Assessments to Grow Your Business

3 Ways to Use Assessments to Grow Your Business

Assessments are an invaluable tool for businesses in a wide variety of situations. Internally, assessments help with the hiring process, and in measuring and facilitating employee growth. For regulated industries, assessments are a key part of acquiring and maintaining required certifications.

Externally, assessments can help you engage with new clients, track the progress of existing clients, and give you a head start in your marketing efforts


When it comes to hiring, you want to ensure that you’re finding the right person to help your company. They can look perfect on paper and even interview well but you won’t know how someone truly will perform until you get them in the role, right? Wrong!

Eliminate the turnover from making the wrong hiring choices and start including assessments as part of the process. You can set up assessments to test customer service skills or analyze writing skills. You can make sure that a candidate’s skills line up with the position you’re filling. And when you find the right person, you know that they’ll be able to do the job.

Training Programs

Once you’ve found the right employee you want to make sure they’re staying up to date on the latest technologies, industry standards, and company policies. Assessments are a way to do that. You can evaluate which employees need to attend safety training or who may be overqualified for their current position.

Another way that assessments can be used is to train contractors on how you operate or reaffirm details about a contract with a client. Attaching an assessment to training programs provides you with data you can use to both analyze for potential and use as a measuring stick of success.

Lead Generation

Assessments are also an effective lead generation tool, helping you connect with new clients and weed out clients who are not a good fit.

Imagine this scenario: You offer an assessment that evaluates how knowledgeable a person is in your field in exchange for their email address. You’ve already won because you’re building your email marketing list. More importantly, though, you can provide them with specific information about how your services can help them based on how they do on the quiz.

You reveal the gap between where they are and where they want to be and show them how you can help them get there. After you receive their results, you can reach out armed with the knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses, which lets you be very specific about how you can help them. In this way, you’re talking to them as an individual and not just making a cold sales call.

The bottom line is that assessments make your business more professional and help you in the long run when it comes to making your business grow. Whether it’s hiring the right people, helping alongside training programs, or assisting with competent lead generation, assessments are extremely useful tools you should be utilizing.

With an online tool like Assessment Generator, it’s easy to:

  • Create your assessments
  • Provide interactive feedback
  • Embed on your website
  • Share scores
  • Redirect prospects to personalized content
  • Offer follow-up services

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Fun with Numbers

Fun with Numbers

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added numeric entry questions to Assessment Generator.

With numeric entry questions, you can ask a question that requires an answer in number form.

numeric entry question

Echo Answers in Assessment Results

Numeric entry questions also include a handy little feature called answer identifiers.

With this new feature, you can easily reference your respondents’ answers to numeric entry questions.

For example, you can echo your respondents’ answers back to them in their assessment results.
Echo Numeric Answer

Please check out Merge Codes in our User Guide for details.

Pass Answers to External Applications

Want to pass your respondents’ answers to your CRM or email automation software?  Well, now you can!

Answer identifiers allow you to pass any of your respondents’ answers to an outside application or webpage.

This capability is available today via any Zapier or webhook integrations.

Perform Math Operations

Finally, you can perform simple math operations using those answers and display those values in your respondent’s report!

Numeric Calculation Example

For example, with your respondents’ answers to numeric questions, you can perform the following operations:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division

You can also combine several simple operations together for more advanced calculations.

For more information, please check out Adding Numeric Questions in our User Guide

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More Than a Touch of Style

More Than a Touch of Style

We’ve revamped our assessment styles to include pre-designed layouts, color palettes, and custom text elements!

When it comes to styling your assessments, we’ve completely transformed and upgraded the options available to you in Assessment Generator.

Want to get your assessment looking great — quickly — so you can get your assessment online?

We’ve got you covered!

Pre-Designed Assessment Layouts

There are now several pre-designed assessment layouts for you to choose from:

  • Clean & Simple:  plain assessment with no borders or question separators
  • Bordered:  assessment has a border and questions are separated by horizontal lines
  • Striped:  assessment has a border and questions are separated by an alternating background-color
  • Single question:  one question per page, auto-advance to next question

Customize Assessments

Color Palettes

You can also select from one of our beautiful new color palettes:

Color Palettes

Or you can enter your own brand or custom colors to any layout:

Custom Colors

Customize Text Elements

We’re pleased to announce that you can also now completely customize all the text elements in your assessment!

If you ever wanted to change the wording on any of the buttons or pre-set fields in your assessment… now you can!

Text Elements

This gives you so much more control over the presentation of your assessment.

It also provides increased support for non-English languages.

Want to create your assessment in Spanish, French, Mandarin, Hebrew, or Arabic?  

Now you can!  

All the elements in your assessment can now be created in your language.

Text Elements French Spanish Chinese Mandarin Hebrew

Detailed Color Settings

Want access to more advanced style options?

We offer detailed color settings so you can individually set the colors of every element in your assessment.

Detailed Color Settings

If you already have an assessment in Assessment Generator, you’ll find all of your previous settings intact under Detailed Color Settings. You can keep your assessment styles as-is or opt to use any of the new style options available.

Whenever you create a new assessment, the new layouts and color palettes are offered by default. You can easily switch between color settings by checking the “Use Detailed Color Settings” box in the upper right of your screen.

Please check out Styling Your Assessment in our User Guide for more details.

With so much flexibility on offer, what’s stopping you?

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