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99% of business web sites get little or no traffic. They are just kind of sitting on the 'net, waiting to be discovered.

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"The Three Main Benefits of Assessment Generator are, increased traffic and trust, it's cost effective and easy to use.

Visitors jumped in January from 500 to 8000 visitors in October - traffic has increased dramatically and I expect it to continue."


Suzie Price,
Priceless Personal & Professional Development

"Assessment Generator allows me more freedom in design as well as the new ways in which I can collect data. "

"I've used the original Assessment Generator for a number of my clients and wanted to say thanks for the new version! Assessment Generator 2 allows me more freedom in design as well as the new ways in which I can collect data. The ability for end users to go back into the system and see their results is a great tool. Thanks for providing a great solution to a number of tasks!"


Peggy Knudson Owner/VA

"Amazing 38% Conversion Rate on My Web Site!"

"Milana, I've been testing various strategies to convert web site visitors to subscribers, and realized that when I use an assessment as the landing page, the conversion rate is as high as 38%. Compare this figure to a free e-course, that only attracts 14.2% sign-ups, and an advertisement, which got 0% based on 600 hits. I am truly amazed at the power of online assessments!"


Sarah Newton
Coaching 4 Teens, Founder

"Milana, Assessment Generator is brilliant!"


"For the past couple of years I subscribed to an online assessment tool that cost more than $500 each year. Yours is much easier to use, there are so many samples to choose between, and best yet, it can reside on my own sites where prospective clients can complete it in just a few moments!"


Syl Leduc, President
Client Compass Software

"I am thrilled to have your tool!"


"I have been online for about one month searching for assessment creation tools. I have been playing with several pieces of software, and they are way too complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. I was on Google today searching, and you popped up! The Assessment Generator system is so easy. Within minutes, I had a professional assessment for my website and Milana provided me with exceptional customer service. "


Bea Fields, Executive Coach
Five Star Leader

Once you start using Assessment Generator, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!


The best part about this tool is that it only takes a few minutes to set up and requires NO maintenance!


You won't have to use hype, SPAM, or any other strategies that make you feel uncomfortable. Assessment Generator is completely ethical education-based technique your prospects and clients will love!