Assessments are an invaluable tool for businesses in a wide variety of situations. Internally, assessments help with the hiring process, and in measuring and facilitating employee growth. For regulated industries, assessments are a key part of acquiring and maintaining required certifications.

Externally, assessments can help you engage with new clients, track the progress of existing clients, and give you a head start in your marketing efforts


When it comes to hiring, you want to ensure that you’re finding the right person to help your company. They can look perfect on paper and even interview well but you won’t know how someone truly will perform until you get them in the role, right? Wrong!

Eliminate the turnover from making the wrong hiring choices and start including assessments as part of the process. You can set up assessments to test customer service skills or analyze writing skills. You can make sure that a candidate’s skills line up with the position you’re filling. And when you find the right person, you know that they’ll be able to do the job.

Training Programs

Once you’ve found the right employee you want to make sure they’re staying up to date on the latest technologies, industry standards, and company policies. Assessments are a way to do that. You can evaluate which employees need to attend safety training or who may be overqualified for their current position.

Another way that assessments can be used is to train contractors on how you operate or reaffirm details about a contract with a client. Attaching an assessment to training programs provides you with data you can use to both analyze for potential and use as a measuring stick of success.

Lead Generation

Assessments are also an effective lead generation tool, helping you connect with new clients and weed out clients who are not a good fit.

Imagine this scenario: You offer an assessment that evaluates how knowledgeable a person is in your field in exchange for their email address. You’ve already won because you’re building your email marketing list. More importantly, though, you can provide them with specific information about how your services can help them based on how they do on the quiz.

You reveal the gap between where they are and where they want to be and show them how you can help them get there. After you receive their results, you can reach out armed with the knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses, which lets you be very specific about how you can help them. In this way, you’re talking to them as an individual and not just making a cold sales call.

The bottom line is that assessments make your business more professional and help you in the long run when it comes to making your business grow. Whether it’s hiring the right people, helping alongside training programs, or assisting with competent lead generation, assessments are extremely useful tools you should be utilizing.

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Jen Sparks
Jen Sparks

Jen loves helping people find assessment solutions to meet their needs. As co-owner and CEO of Assessment Generator, she brings her engineering management background to simplify creating online assessments with detailed feedback, advanced reporting, and branded, downloadable PDFs.