For Life Coaches

Assessments are a great way for life coaches to find their ideal clients and deliver value

Assessments For Life Coaches

When used for lead generation, assessments are a powerful form of engagement marketing that offers numerous benefits:

  • Establishes Credibility
  • Provides something of value
  • Starts a conversation
  • Creates a relationship to build on

The benefits of assessments for life coaches don’t end with lead generation:

Client On-boarding: Gather information about your new client to get coaching sessions off on the right foot. Determine where your client is in their journey, and what areas they need the most help in.

Progress Assessments: Offer assessments to clients throughout the coaching process to measure progress and provide tangible proof of your program’s effectiveness. Automated scoring and feedback make evaluating client achievements easy, measurable, and repeatable.

Customer Satisfaction: Use an assessment to gather candid feedback on your coaching practice. These types of assessments can be a great way to solicit testimonials!

The team at Assessment Generator has been so helpful. Anytime I've had a bit of a stumbling block, I can jump on a quick call, and they're able to come up with creative solutions.

– Christi Scarrow, Author, Keynote Speaker, and Executive Coach at Truth Warriors

If you want something that is more in-depth, more professional, more customizable, Assessment Generator ... is honestly the best software that I've seen online

– Tres Adames, Pastoral Counselor at Arizona Christian Counseling

Take a look at our packaged assessments for life coaches.

You can use them in your coaching practice “as-is” or modify them to meet your needs.

Advanced Features and Ease of Use

Assessment Generator offers advanced features including automated scoring and feedback, the ability to award scores in multiple categories, and the ability to match your branding using colors and logos.

With an easy to use, intuitive interface you’ll be up and running in no time. Or purchase our done-for-you package, and we’ll create a beautiful assessment for you. All you have to do is tell us what questions you want to ask, how you want to score your assessment, and what feedback you want to provide.

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