There are many great reasons to add videos to your assessments:

  • Customers and prospects are more likely to watch a video than read instructions carefully.
  • Higher conversion rates (30-33% increase in conversions)
  • Videos offer personal interaction and the opportunity to connect emotionally
  • Videos are searchable (which helps with SEO)

play button for online videos

With Assessment Generator you can add videos to your assessments.  

Common places to use videos are in the assessment instruction area and in the area above the request for name and email address on the customization page.  You can also include videos in your assessment questions!

To add a video to your assessment, first prepare your video either by uploading it to your YouTube account or by saving your video in MP4 version to a file online.

If you are using a YouTube video, copy the EMBED code to a notepad document.  Click here for YouTube instructions on how to do this.

If you are using an MP4 file that is stored on your website, copy the entire URL and paste it into a notepad document.

Next, choose the area in Assessment Generator where you want to put your video.

You can insert videos into any editor window in Assessment Generator.  Click on the World icon (shown in the red box).

Assessment Generator editor window for videos

Copy your video URL into the URL box in the pop-up window:

URL box for videos

Add the desired width and height of your video.  We recommend using 560 for the width and 315 for the height.  Don’t worry, we’ll adjust things behind the scenes to make sure your video works properly on smaller screens.  Click OK.

Click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

To test, select “Add to Site” from the drop-down menu.  Copy your assessment URL into a new browser window.

NOTE: For best results, we recommend testing using a Private window in Safari (File > New Private Window) or an Incognito window in Chrome (File > New Incognito window).

And that’s it!  Your video and assessment are ready to go.

Strategically adding videos to your assessments allows your prospects and clients the opportunity to get to know you and to tie your image and personality with your expertise.

Add videos to your assessments today!

Jen Sparks
Jen Sparks

Jen loves helping people find assessment solutions to meet their needs. As co-owner and CEO of Assessment Generator, she brings her engineering management background to simplify creating online assessments with detailed feedback, advanced reporting, and branded, downloadable PDFs.