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Engage Prospects with Interactive Content

Adding interactive content to your website is one of the best ways to engage with potential clients. Assessments are a compelling way to deliver interactive content and leverage the power of engagement marketing


Offer Your Assessments

With multiple question types, support for video and audio within the assessment, and the ability to use your own logos, colors, and branding you can create a great assessment to compliment your website.

Provide Value and Build Trust

Your expert analysis of respondents’ results allows you to provide something of value for free while at the same time establishing your credibility and expertise in your field.

Connect with Your Ideal Clients

Continue the conversation based on the relationship that was started with your analysis. Prospects are more likely to engage since you’ve already provided value for free.

"I highly recommend Assessment Generator because their assessments are easy to set up, they look great, and they reliably work well. Assessment Generator [team] is constantly improving their features and their customer support is nothing short of consistently stellar!"

– Abby Rohrer, Creator of Clear Your Money Karma

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Key Features 

Use your branding, colors, and logos

Customize your assessments with your colors

Customize your assessment with your colors and logo to match your brand.

Integrate your assessment into your site in an iframe or a popup so visitors never leave your site.

Integrate with your CRM or List Manager

Integrate with your CRM
Automatically pass leads generated from your assessment to your CRM or email list manager. Your integration can also pass the respondent’s scores, allowing you to segment your list and target followup communication based on each user’s score.

Score in multiple categories

Score in multiple categories
By creating categories within your assessment, you can provide respondents with a score in each category, then provide feedback for the category in which they scored the highest.

Deliver feedback based on score

Provide Feedback
Provide automatic feedback to your respondents in your respondent’s browser, via email and/or in a printable report. Demonstrate your expertise and establish credibility with your expert analysis of a respondent’s results, while creating a relationship that you can build on.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions
If you have unique requirements for your assessment, we can help. We’ve provided clients with customized reports, export formats, and more. Contact us to learn more.

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Turnkey Solutions

Need an assessment but don’t have the time to create one yourself? Our experts will work with you to understand your needs:

  • What questions you want to ask
  • How your assessment should look
  • How your assessment should be scored
  • What results you’d like to send to respondents
  • How you’d like to integrate your assessment into your site

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