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Setting Up / Managing Your Account PDF  
Preparing To Create Your Assessments PDF  
How Questions Are Scored PDF  
Creating Categories PDF Video
Creating a Simple Type Assessment PDF Video
Simple Type Assessment - Score Keys PDF Video
Creating a Type-Based Assessment PDF Video
Simple & Type-Based Assessment - Adding/Editing Questions PDF Video
How to create a "Select all that apply" Question PDF
Viewing Results PDF Video
Previewing, Adding to Site, Duplicating and Deleting Assessments PDF Video
Add Videos To Your Assessments PDF Video
 Add Contact Information Directly From Assessments with Zapier  Online Video
 Send Scores to Active Campaign for Targeted Marketing   Video


Although we call this program “Assessment Generator” it will also help you with:

  • Tests
  • Quizzes
  • Client Intake Forms
  • Self-Scoring Assessments (to help visitors determine where they are in a process or situation)
  • Follow-up Forms
  • Weekly Logs
  • Teleclass Registration Forms
  • Workshop Evaluation Forms
  • Surveys
  • Data Evaluation Forms
  • Data Collection Forms
  • Research Studies
  • Inspection Forms
  • Progress Measurement Forms

Assessments don’t all need to be serious – they can be fun to take and informative at the same time.

Categories: This feature is provided as a file management tool to help organize your assessments into categories. For instance, if you are a Career Coach, you might want to organize your assessments into categories such as Job Search, Resume Writing, Interviewing, Followup, Salary. Or if you are using Assessment Generator to find out what level a person is in their career, you might use categories such as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Super.

My Results: A chart showing the Responses of Each Assessment that is taken, when it was taken, how long this person took to go through the assessment, and all of the questions with the responses.

My Account: This is where you manage your account, including changing your password if you would like.

Creating Assessments

Type: Simple – an assessment that is scored as one assessment. As many Score Key boxes are available as you need.

Type: Type-Based – an assessment that is divided into types, such as Attitude Readiness, Business Readiness, Office Readiness – the score is divided into the Type of question being asked. There are no Score Key boxes. the Type Results are charted.

Score Wizard: a feature to help you determine the score that will be awarded and the score key that will be displayed.

Sections: This gives you the ability to divide the assessment into sections, rather than pages.

Email header: The portion of the response to your user which is displayed BEFORE the results of the assessment. The “Dear ###NAME###, Thank you…. Portion.

Email footer: The portion of the response to your user which is displayed AFTER the results of the assessment.

Assessment header: The top of your actual Assessment – this would be where you put your logo and any introductory instructions.

Assessment footer: The bottom of your actual Assessment – this would be where you put any additional instructions – for instance, “this is a multi-page assessment, please push the next button to continue.”

Page Background: the color you would like to have the assessment background. This is the entire screen background

Page background: the color of the entire assessment table background

Assessment table background: the color of the background of the assessment table

Assessment table border: the color of the border around the entire assessment table

Assessment text: the color of the text in the assessment other than the questions

Assessment question: the color of the text for the questions

Font size: the size of font for the assessment itself

List of Questions page: Order – move questions Up or Down to rearrange your assessment

Duplicate: make a copy of a current assessment

Question Types:

Check Box: Scored – you assign a value to award points for a check

Options: Multi-choice – provide as many choices as you would like, you assign a score for the correct answer in the Type Based Assessment.

In the Simple Assessment, any or all answers can be correct - all correct answers are awarded the number of points you assign. These can be weighted depending on importance.

Scale 1-5: Less likely to most likely – 1 to 5 points possible – a score of 5 is awarded for choosing most likely.

Scale 1-10: Less likely to most likely – 1 to 10 points possible – a score of 10 is awarded for choosing most likely.

Narrative: Not scored – text fill in box.

Yes/No: Scored – a yes earns one point, a no earns 0 points.

Yes/No/Maybe: Scored – a yes earns 2 points, a no earns 0 points and sometimes is 1 point.

Yes/No/Sometimes: Scored – a yes earns 2 points, a no earns 0 points and sometimes is 1 points.

True/False: Scored – an answer of true earns one point and a false earns 0 points.

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