Mailing List Not Growing? Try Offering a Highly Enticing Freebie

by Milana Leshinsky
Founder of

Why would anyone give you their name and e-mail?  Just to add more e-mail to their already overflowing inbox?  There must be a better reason. 

A free offer may be a report, an article, an e-book, an audiotape, a booklet, or anything else of interest to your target audience.  It will help you grow your mailing list. 

To develop a free offer for your web site visitors, think about what your target clients just can't miss.  What headline will make them stop and say, "I've GOT to have this!" and then take the time to request it. 

Remember, the better your free offer is, the faster your list of prospects will grow, the more clients you will have.  My web site receives 50 to 100 new prospects a week simply because of how attractive the free offer is to them. 

Many people think that since it's free, it shouldn't be of any value.  The truth is, your freebie has to be of extremely high quality, and filled with useful information if you want to attract high quality prospects. 

As an example, let's say that you are a career coach.  What is the one thing your target client wants the most?  To get a challenging and well-paying job, with excellent growth opportunity.  Create a 5-10 page report that will show your prospects the basics of getting such a job.  A good title for this report may be "10 Insider Secrets of Landing the Job of Your Dream".  Anyone in the process of career change or job search will not be able to pass it by!

If you're worried about giving too much of your knowledge away in the free report – don't be!  It's absolutely impossible to lay out all of your expertise that took years to gain in just a few pages.  But to make sure that your report is bringing you a lot of prospects, follow this checklist:

  • Include your logo, contact information and your URL 
  • Link to various pages on your web site throughout the freebie 
  • Devote an entire page to requesting a free session with you 
  • Or, promote a product you sell 
  • Insert your best client testimonials 

Try to intrigue your readers with some "missing pieces" of information throughout the report.  This way they will have a reason to contact you for more help. 

One of my clients created a very unique free offer.

His target was the Italian American community, so he developed a "Top 10 Pick-Up Lines" sheet with his colorful logo and contact information.  His web site visitors could simply print it out and stick it to their refrigerators to amuse their guests.  They could also make copies and give away to their Italian friends - what a great marketing strategy! 

Another client I worked with, a parenting coach, created a "Parenting Toolkit" - a list of steps to follow when there is a problem.  Any time your child misbehaves, you just go through those steps to solve the problem. This is a great way to remind parents about her coaching services. 

Some other types of a free offer include checklists, worksheets, kits and e-books (also known as "electronic books").  You may, of course, choose to offer something tangible - such as a CD, an audio tape, or a booklet - but these will be more expensive and time-consuming to deliver and will not have the instant gratification that a downloadable product can offer. 

And of course, creating a coaching tool, such as a self-test, quiz, or a instant assessment can be a great way to make your prospects their their contact information with you! 

Here are just a few examples of unique self-assessments created by coaches:

  • Five Star Leader Test 
  • "Suddenly Single" Life Makeover 
  • Anger Management Assessment 
  • Image Profile Assessment 
  • Got Debt? Just How Bad Is It? 
  • Do I Need a Career Coach? 
  • How prepared are you for your next trade show? 
  • Do you live your life by design or by default? 

Whatever you do, don't expect people to join your mailing list "just because."  They must have a good reason to share their e-mail with you. Give them an enticing freebie, and watch your mailing list size skyrocket!

About The Author:

Milana Leshinsky is the founder of JV Insider Circle, The World's Leading Joint Venture Community for Experts.  Stop giving away your time - give away Free Assessments instead!  Create custom online assessments in 5 minutes: www.Assessment