Assessment Ideas

15 Ways to Use Assessments to Gather Information and Attract Customers

Assessments are being used in a variety of ways throughout the coaching, career, employment, health, and even to test employees’ knowledge about the jobs they are doing. Jobs like customer service, software knowledge, hardware knowledge, management style, and what type of career a person would be most suited for can be tested and analyzed by giving a simple assessment.

Mailing List Not Growing?  Try Offering a Highly Enticing Freebie! 

Why would anyone give you their name and e-mail?  Just to add more e-mail to their already overflowing inbox?  There must be a better reason.  Here is how to develop a great offer to entice as many prospects to sign up as possible.

Still giving away complementary sessions?

Do you find that offering complementary coaching sessions is too time-consuming, and not productive enough?  Do you feel that it's a waste of time to offer free sessions to those who can't pay you anyway?  Then may be it is time to find a new way to attract clients. 

Is Your Product or Service an "Ideavirus?"

Unleashing an ideavirus is the best way to build a successful business today, and Seth Godin knows exactly how to do this.  Includes a free 20-question assessment to help you determine whether your product has an "ideavirus" potential.

Create Your Own Assessments to Attract More Clients

If you think assessments should only be used with existing clients, you may be in for a surprise!  Assessments can also be effectively used in building your prospect database and attracting more new clients, right from your web site.

How to Increase Your Program's Value With Self-Assessments

The most difficult part about selling coaching services is the lack of perceived tangible results.  And when people can't see a tangible result at the end of the process, it's a lot harder to convince them to buy.   Here is how to increase the tangibility of coaching.

How to Give Your Teleclass Participants Maximum Value by Using Simple Assessments

Most teleclass leaders follow a pre-designed program they created specifically for that class.  But if you're not sure what you should cover, or if you simply want to leave your participants shocked at the value they received from your teleclass, follow this simple strategy.