features and benefits

Mobile Friendly Assessments

Users can take your assessments on any device

Your Brand, Your List

Customize your header, footer, emails with your brand and colors. Automatically add your users' contact information to your list manager.

Your Questions and Statements

9 question types, including checkbox, narrative, scale, option, yes/no, true/false and more

Personalize with Videos

Engage your users with personalized videos on your assessment and in the results.

Provide Customized Results and Feedback

Write your own copy to provide feedback based on how users score on their assessment.

Add to Your Email/Website and Social Media accounts

Easy copy and paste code

Dynamic Edits and Updates

What you see is what you get editing. Save your updates and preview your assessment instantly.

Analyze Results

Collect and keep your assessment takers results in your personal account

Personalized Support

Support is always free at Assessment Generator!