Frequently Asked Questions

What types of questions can I ask using Assessment Generator?
  • Checkbox
  • Options or Multiple Choice
  • Scale 1-5
  • Scale 1-10
  • Narrative
  • Yes/No
  • Yes/No/Maybe
  • Yes/No/Sometimes
  • True/False
When using a mixture of these types of questions in an Assessment, the score is calculated on those questions which are scored. For instance, if you have 2 questions, one Scale 1-10 and one question Narrative, the score will be based on the one questions Scale 1-10 – if the user chooses 2 out of the possible 10, he /she will receive a score of 2.
What types of assessments can I create with Assessment Generator?
You can create two Types of assessments, Simple and Type Based.
Can assessments be taken on a mobile device?
Yes. All assessments are compatible with phones and tablets as well as desktop browsers. When creating your assessment, choose "Preview Mobile" from the Action menu to see how your assessment will look on a smartphone.
What is a Simple Assessment?
A Simple Assessment is an assessment that is scored as one complete assessment, whether it is 2 questions or 100 questions. You DO create scoring keys in this type of assessment.
What is a Type Based Assessment?
In a Type Based Assessment, you create Question Types to apply scoring to. You assign the score to the type of question you have created. For instance, if your assessment is split into three types of questions – beginner, intermediate, advanced, you can assign a lower score to the questions in the Beginner Type questions than in the Advanced type questions. You do not create Scoring Keys in this type of assessment
How Do I Manage Several Assessments?
You have the ability to create categories in your Assessment Generator account. If you create assessments for Interviewing, Resumes, and Job Hunting, you can put each relative assessment into the proper category.
Can I Determine The Number of Questions on Each Page?
Yes, you can split your assessments by page or by sections.
Will I receive assessment results each time a visitor completes it?
Yes, you can determine whether or not to have the results emailed to your assessment participant.
I don't need many assessments, can I pay per assessment?
Our Basic plan allows up to 5 assessments. Should you need more assessments in the future, you can upgrade at any time.
How much does the Assessment Generator cost?
Please check The Pricing Page
What is it that I get with a paid subscription, that I don't get with a free one?
The free assessment account is fully functional and allows you to create five assessments. This is a Trial version and contains a watermark on each assessment.

Creating Assessments

Do you store assessment results?
Yes, you have a personal account where all of your assessments are stored, all of the questions are stored, you can edit your account profile, change your password, see the results of the assessment takers, see the score, see how long it took for your participant to take your assessment, upload your logo URL.
I don't have a web site, and can't host my own assessments, can I still sign up?
All assessments are hosted on Assessment Generator Servers – you create the look and feel of your web site in our account and are given a simple link to add to your web site or email. NO html code to deal with
How long can an assessment be? How many questions can I enter?
You can make your assessment as long as you like with as many questions as you like and you can edit your questions without uploading the new link information – in other words, you can change your assessment on the fly without editing the link code on your site or in your email. Once you send a link out and then go back and edit the assessment, your participants will see the new edits immediately.
Does the Assessment Generator automatically follow up with the assessment taker?
You have the ability to choose whether or not you want your users to register to take the assessment, show the results on the screen, send them a follow up email and send you a follow up email.
Can I follow up with my users more than once, with a sequence of messages?
Yes! You can integrate your assessments with the autoresponder of your choice. Assessment Generator will notify your autoresponder when a user takes your assessment. You can configure your autoresponder to send a sequence of followup emails, custom tailored based on the user's score.
Can I determine the Score I want to give my participant?
Yes, in the Simple Type assessments, you can assign a score spread for each assessment. Scores can also be automatically calculated with the Score Wizard. You can create as many Score Boxes as you wish and you have the ability to overlap scores. You can also Test your Score when creating your score keys to make sure your user is going to receive the correct score.
Can I use html formatting for my emails?
Yes, our user friendly formatting tool allows you to create nicely formatted HTML email messages.
What if I need to change a question after I’ve already created the assessment?
You can simply log into your account, find the correct assessment, find the question that needs to be changed and make the changes – your assessment will automatically update where ever it is posted.
Can I upload my logo to my file at Assessment Generator?
Yes, you can upload one logo and change your logo when you need to. Or you can link to your logo with a URL address.
Can I add questions to an assessment once it has been created?
Yes and your assessment will be automatically updated wherever it is being used.
Can I customize each assessment?
  • Yes, in the first step of creating your assessment you can customize the following items:

  • Title
  • Category
  • Sections
  • Number of Questions per page
  • Split by Pages or Sections
  • Change Results output
  • Change or add an autoresponder
  • Change the page you send your participant to once the assessment has been completed
  • Change or add an email header and footer
  • Change your assessment header, footer on final page and questions page
  • Page Color Background
  • Page font color
  • Fieldset background
  • Fieldset border color
  • Fieldset text
  • Fieldset question color
  • Font Site
  • (Fieldset is the actual body of the assessment)
    Can I reorder the Questions?
    Yes, and it will automatically be updated on all pages your assessment appears.
    Can I provide immediate feedback to my users during the assessment?
    Yes! You can optionally provide a custom feedback message for each response to a question. That message will be shown to the user immidiately when they make their selection.
    Can I add or change scoring?
    Yes, in Assessment Actions, Edit Scoring
    Can I copy one assessment to a new assessment and then edit it as a new assessment?
    Yes, in Actions, Duplicate – it will create an assessment with the same name, with “(Copy)” at the end, you can then edit the title of the assessment and questions, add questions, reorder questions – you cannot change the “Type.”
    Once I create an assessment, can I change the “Type” form “Simple” to “Type-based” or from “Type-based” to “Simple?”
    No, once you create an assessment with a specific “Type” you cannot change the type.
    How do I see the results of the assessments being taken?
    You will have a menu item in your account called “My results.” Click on this item and you will see a table with the Assessment Name, the Date the assessment was taken, the Score, how long it took for your participant to take the assessment and then you can View the Actual Results.
    Can I Customize the Email with my participants name?
    Yes, you can add the following text where you want your participant's name to appear: ###NAME###
    I check Register, but when I test my assessment, it is not asking me to register, why?
    If you have registered before, Assessment Generator V.3 will not ask you to re-register. When you test your assessment, you will most likely not see the registration page for testing. You can test on another computer or have a friend test for you who hasn't taken the assessment before.
    Something we have not covered?
    Let us know at our Help Desk