Workplace Culture Assessment

Please check the boxes below next to the statements
that reflect an accurate representation of the behaviors and
attitudes taking place among the personnel in your work environment.

Once you complete the assessment you will be sent an e-mail with your score and
suggested resources to help improve communication, attitudes, behaviors
and performance in your workplace.

1. Employees are primarily task oriented instead of being results oriented! (1 point)
2. Employees usually just do the minimum, they rarely go 'the extra mile' on their own initiative! (1 point)
3. Employees will not, or do not seem capable of, making decisions on their own! (1 point)
4. Employees will not, or do not seem capable of, solving problems on their own! (1 point)
5. Employees need reminding/oversight to get tasks done and meet deadlines! (3 point)
6. Employees some times have a 'its not my job attitude!' (3 points)
7. Employees mostly see things as 'us vs. them' and a 'win/lose/zero sum game' situations! ( 3 points)
8. Employees are compliant with job requirements, but bring little to the job in terms of creativity, innovation or ideas! (3 points)
9. Employees have a tendency to life themselves up by putting others down! (5 points)
10. Employees have a tendency to 'throw co-workers under the bus!' (5 points)
11. Employees have a higher than desirable levels of tardiness, absenteeism and/or turnover! (5 points)
12. Employees create 'job security' by controlling information to the detriment of productivity and teamwork! (5 points)
13. There are too many BMWs (bitchers, moaners or whiners) present in our work environment! (5 points)
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